Crown vic 5.4 swap engine

Vids of my 5.4 motor swap

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5.4 Triton swapped P71 Crown Victoria
2002 Ford Crown Victoria with 2-valve 5.4 engine from 2005 E-350 swapped in. 3.73 gears. J-modded 4r70w. Flowmaster 50's. Recorded on Palm Pre Cell phone in 2010.

Crown Victoria Interceptor/ Mustang Motor
Mustang Windsor Engine Stroked 5.1 project. 3200 Stall shift kit

2010 Ford Crown Vic || 1000HP SLEEPER BUILD - TOP SPEED/DRIFTING/RACING || Forza Horizon 3
Today we build a 2010 Ford Crown Vic with 1000HP and race some supercars! They never expected it T SHIRTS ►► BE MY FRIEND!!!! Subscribe here! ►► Gamertag ► TheGingium Snapchat ► gingacaleb Follow me on Twitter ► Follow me on Instagram ► Music ►► MAKE SOME MORE FRIENDS!!! CMTW99 ►► East Side Garage ► MY AWESOME GRAPHICS TEAM!!! Twitter ► YouTube ► HOW TO GET IN SUBSCRIBER SHOWCASE ► Send an email to with a picture of your car Include your username! Title the subject "Sub Showcase" You're in!

13 COOLEST V8 Engine Swaps HD
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