Oldsmobile 98 Commercial (1966)

1966 Oldsmobile 98 Commercial

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1966 Oldsmobile 98 4-door hardtop TV Commercial
Eighth generation

1966 Olds 98 Convertible Red NSmyr020913
It and the Starfire were top of the line at Oldsmobile this year! The 98 had the 365 h.p. version of teh 425 c.i. Rocket V8. Truly it hit a high in luxury and performance!

Olds 98 Oldsmobile Commercial (1963)
Olds 98 Oldsmobile Commercial 1963

You just can't imagine the beauty of a car like this until you come upon this original survivor Oldsmobile 98 convertible. This is one of only 4,568 Ninety Eight convertibles made this year. The full size Olds cars received a minor facelift while this was also the first year of the Olds fwd Toronado. Other Oldsmobile models from the bottom are the F-85, F-85 Deluxe, Cutlass, Vista Cruiser wagon, the famous 4-4-2, Jetstar, Dynamic 88, Delta 88, Starfire, the 98, and the Toronado. Eleven models in all. The sixties decade still had car makers build several models based on various levels and pricing. Now, the 98 bodies included the Holiday hardtop coupe and hardtop sedan, the Town Sedan 4-door, convertible, and the Luxury Sedan 4-door. Engines for the 98 is a V8, 425 cube with 375 horsepower which was also shared with the Starfire and Delta 88. The Toronado had the 425 also but with 385 horses. In filming this wonderful Olds, I was fortunate that there were no cars parked around it so I could provide a good roundabout view. Notice the Buick-like front clip, the Olds wire wheel covers, the faux wood trim on the dash, quilted button down seats, rear radio speaker grille in the back, white pinstripe along car shoulder, canted taillights, power equipment everywhere, popular Ocean Mist metallic paint, and my favorite, a vast expanse of sheet metal on the rear quarter panel with fender skirts. Man, this Olds is simply beautiful. I think you'll agree, and many thanks for viewing this wondrous 1966 Olds 98 convertible.