caterham 7

Fantastic day for hiring a cat7!! made me smile!!

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Excellent Caterham run filmed from quick 911 C4S
Roadsport Hire cars on the way to Yorkshire Big Breakfast at Specialist Cars Malton kindly filmed from Ian's stunning 993 C4S. Mate Plowy driving and joined by Caterham Fireblade and Noble on Stamford Bridge road - just the best Autumn day. You can drive these cars -

Caterham 7 - My Roadsport arrives 28th April 2010.
Home assembly began 1st May 2010

50 Years of LOTUS and Caterham 7
A video from the 50th Anniversary of the Lotus & Caterham 7 Weekend in Norwich 15/09/07

mit Lotus Elise & Caterham Super 7 durch die Alpen....
video with "original" sound: Just a few moments of a tour in the alps with my Lotus Elise 111s and a Caterham Roadsport driven by my father....BUT YOUTUBE DIDNT ALLOW THE TRACK I CUT IT TO, SO THIS IS JUST A RANDOM MUSIK TRACK FROM YOUTUBE, AND THERE ARE NO ENGINE SOUNDS........ ;-( YOUTUBE SUCKS!!!!