Boss 302 chasing Porsche 911 GT3 at Summit Point

Sorry about the shake...GoPro mount was loose. Just a little clip to compare the sound of corked and uncorked side Exhaust on the 2012 Boss 302. Check out the "quiet" clip for comparison.

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SRT HELLCAT vs BOSS 302 this aint no ordinary Boss this thing was built...this thing was procharged and if u dont know anything about a HELCAT they come with 707hp from the factory with a blower type supercharged V8...the guy in the Boss aint no slack when it comes to the track now the guy with the Hellcat was new at it...this was a damn good race but the Boss with experience and drag radials vs un experience and street tires won video recorded by Drag Racing Dirty South Style check us out on facebook and give us a like

BOSS 302 vs. Corvettes, HOTLAP Time Trial Series, Firebird West Track
Running in the HL1 class, adjusted power to weight around 9.1 lbs/hp. Skilled driver in a Porsche GT3RS Cup Car won the class, but I came in 2nd, the fastest streetable car. Fast lap of 1:05.140 a new personal best on FIR West for me, as of February 2012.

Covette Z06 chasing Porsche 911 Instructor Group Summit
AWESOME run with Porsche 911 in the BMWCCA Instructor group at the Club race / HPDE at Summit Point Raceway 7/28 and 29. Driving: Andrew Bacon Check out for more video.

2012 Boss 302 @ Shenandoah Circuit in Summit Point, WV
2012 Boss 302 on the Shenandoah Circuit at Summit Point Raceway. Driver's education event with Riesentoter PCA April 2012