First Gen. Camaro Mini Tubs MUSCLE CARS & HOT RODS Episode 137 (520) 294-4744. In this episode Jeff Mini tubs a first generation Camaro.

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Replacing Full Floor Pans on Dodge Challenger MUSCLE CARS & HOT RODS Episode 66
In this episode Jeff puts new floor pans from AMD into the 1973 Dodge Challenger. See the removal of the old floor pans and the fit, prep, and installation of the new AMD pans. Then we catch up a little on the 1972 Dodge Dart as we prepare for a Hughes 3500 stahl converter.

Boyd Coddington's Shop, a short visit in the parking lot after this years Grand National Roadster
Visiting the old Boyd Coddington's Shop

SLOWSRT Has Never Been So "Wrong"
Many good people thank Matt for Bringing us Project Wrongside/Stepside to his channel Slowsrt. Jim Good things Happen to Good people.

MUSCLE CARS & HOT RODS ROAD RUNNER COMPILATION . In this episode we are compiling some of the lost Road Runner footage to use in our Road Runner build thread.