GM Fuel Pump Relay Testing

For more on fuel pressure testing, go to my website at 1999 Chevy Suburban with no fuel pressure. The following is covered in this video: 1. How to test a fuel pump relay in a power distribution box. 2. Power side switched circuit design description and operation. 3. Bias voltage on an output. How and why is it used. 4. Fuel pump power and ground testing. 5. How to manually jump a fuel pump from the fuse box 6. How to measure fuel pump current flow.

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Fuel Pump Electrical Circuits Description and Operation
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It's back! But is it the same problem? (1988 F-150)
Same truck as in this video but is it a related problem? It does run this time, but not very well. In this video I will be covering the following: how to set ignition timing which mark to use on the crank pulley how to troubleshoot a hesitation problem KOEO and KOER self tests EGR flow Oxygen sensor testing O2 wiring integrity test (opposite code trick) Visit my website, for more about my eBook and lectures. Visit our school, to be part of my class in person. Visit if you would like to be part of my on-line class.

how to check your fuel pump
Quick and easy way to trouble shoot your fuel pump, First thing is to make sure you have gas in the tank !! Then watch the video as i walk you through the next steps.

How to test an electric fuel pump
2001 GMC 3500 8.1L engine with no fuel pressure. In this video I am showing how to test the fuel pump electrical circuit using a test light and scan tool.