2013 Mustang with Roush Supercharger JLT intake and a VMP tune.Bandimere ALTITUDE = 7000ft.

New 2013 Mustang with Roush Supercharger, VMP TUNE, Offroad h pipe ,Gt500 axleback and JLT 127mm intake. This is with a 79MM pulley and the stock 3.31 gears. I ran a personal best of 11.25@126 on the last pass of the night.

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2014 Mustang GT 5.0 TVS Supercharger Install VMP
Slideshow of my install of VMP stage 2 TVS kit

79mm Roush blower test
JLT Performances 5.0 on the Dyno running VMP's 79mm pulley and tune.

We added a Roush Blower to the shop 2011 Mustang GT and made some serious power

JLT's 2013 GT Roush Blower & Intake test
JLT tests the Roush blower on their 2013 Mustang GT. We test the roush air box tuning and the JLT Big Air Intake.