Team 949 Racing's Mazda Miata a.k.a. Crusher on 6UL's

949 Racing out of Lake Forest,CA (literally 5 miles from Irvine) showed up to Cars & Coffee w/ one of there endurance racing Miata's famed for recently winning the E1 class at 25 hours of Thunderhill. This is a purposebuilt racecar as you can see, everything is stripped to the bare bones and power is capped at 170 WHP for E1 Check out 949 Racing here.

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2012 NASA PTC championship race
Inside "Crusher" from 949 Racing / SuperMiata, Emilio Cervantes driving (flat out). We set the lap record on the penultimate lap, 1:36.432 on the way to the win.

Crusher after 2011 Thunderhill 25 Hours
A brief walk around Crusher after the 2011 Thunderhill 25 Hours. Lots of damage, but we got the win. Thanks to all of our supporters and sponsors. Later this week we'll have our in car video compilation of the battles, crashes, pit work, pole lap and more. Thanks for watching!

Wrecks to Riches | S01E01 | Frankenstein's Monster
Wrecks to Riches | Season 1 Episode 1 | Frankenstein's Monster | 71 Plymouth Road Runner ► Next Episode: ◄ ► Barry's Speedshop:◄

Tour of 949 Racing's shop
Quick 5 cent tour of the 949 Racing shop. We hope to be moving next month so I thought it would be cool to document this place for posterity. Sorry for the shaky and semi-focused camera work.