Subaru vs Mitsubishi WRC

This is my first video on youtube.All the images are copyright to google and the sites i found them on. Thanks everybody for giving me 4 stars. WOW more 35000 views. The name of the song is Big in Japan-Alphaville. This is my first video as i said,but please rate it and leave a comment but also please do not leave stupid comments. Thank you for watching.

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MITSUBISHI Lancer WRC05のエンジン音

Tributo Mitsubishi Lancer WRC
LAs mejores imágenes del Lancer WRC

mitsubishi evolution wrc
mitsubishi evolution wrc,un dia de pruevas,para mejorarlo...............(impresionante).........

Mitsubishi Lancer WRC Testing
Mitsubishi Lancer WRC Testing