radio control lawn mower

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Magician Frank Paris My New Custom Made Husqvarna Remote Control Lawn Mower Part 2
Please note we can custom make a bracket for this type of mower or, your choice of mower see custom made bracket for sale video here : In Part 2 You can see the mower in action notice how I just move forward and back no need for swivel wheels. The mowers rear motors have enough power to turn the mower. and the cuts are more or less straight. Here is the content from part 1 if you just to happend on this video without seeing part 1. This is the third Remote control Lawn mower that I have built in the last 5 years. I explain briefly the components and the construction. Most of the parts are from Ace Hardware, Lowes for the mower, radio shack for the toggle switches and fusing and dimension engineering for the Motor control board. The Batteries are 12 volt 12 amp batteries and can be obtained on ebay for a reasonable price. Mine were two for 49.00 with shipping. Please note the rear wheels were replaced with wheelchair motors and 10 inch wheel chair motor tires and the front wheels have to be replaced with smaller wheels (7 inch wheel with bearing hub). did not give the front of the mower swival wheels so that the lawn line cuts would look straight. Look for part 2 of my video on me using the mower.

Remote Control All terrain Lawn Mower
Built for a steep incline hill, 45 degree plus! It's four wheel drive and has two gas drive motors on a 24 volt lawn mower.

Radio Controlled Lawn Mower
A radio contolled lawn mower with a 45 amp Denso alternator to provide power to the battery for the controller, motors and radio receiver. Engine does not have to be running to move the mower. The wheel chair motors have lock out levers so the unit can easily free wheel if needed. This is a prototype unit. Improvements: guards, total autonomous operation. To order your's, contact me through

R/C Lawn Mower Homemade Radio Controlled
This is my first r/c lawn mower. Everything on the mower i had on hand. The only thing I bought for it was the v-belt. I misspoke, I ment to say h-bridge motor controller. Did not have any money to buy one nor do I have the skill to build one. Works really well with the switches. I wish it was faster. If I find a better motor I'll replace it. The motor is 24 volts.