radio control lawn mower

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RC Lawn mower
Our school project Mine and Sam's RC Lawn mower. Took us about 2 days to do. Although it's pretty shitty, it got us A*'s in our project :) We also did this as a mess about, we were not taking it seriously and we really couldn't care less that the engine blew. Check out our youtube channels: technologyguy223 techtoday990

Remote controlled lawn mower, Lawnrover m3736
Remote controlled lawn mower powered by Arduino micro controller

Remote Controlled Lawn Mower
Tactic TTX600 6-Channel 2.4GHz Transmitter System with Receiver Sabertooth 25 Dual 25A Motor Driver MTD 20 in. Push Gas Walk-Behind Lawn Mower (No longer on sale, now $149) rnia-Compliant-11A-020L206/203069467?N=c5ah#.UaSm8UCbNn8

Remote Control Mowbot Explained
More Details on the Mowbot I built. This video also shows the frame updates that I've made so far. Motors were purchased of off ebay. Motor controller is a Dimension Engineering Sabertooth dual 25A motor driver that you can purchase at I sourced mine locally via Trossen Robotics at r.aspx This is my interpretation of the Remote Control Lawn Mower (Lawnbot) featured in Make Magazine Volume 22.