WSPC - The Era of the Group C monsters

This is a tribute to the Era of the World Sportcar Prototype Championship - Group C. Video footage from: lemans24gtone Music: Two Steps From Hell - After The Fall

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Long Live Group C Racing
May the golden age of racing strive on in memory.

Legendary Group C Cars PURE Sound!
I have filmed the legendary cars of the World Endurance Championship Group C driving flatout around the circuit of Goodwood in occasion of the 73rd Members Meeting. Pretty exciting to see these old glories in action! Here's a list of the cars you'll see: Aston Martin AMR1 EMKA Aston Martin C83 EMKA Aston Martin C84 Gebhardt C91 Jaguar XJR11 Jaguar XJR-12D Jaguar XJR9 Lancia LC2 Mercedes-Benz C11 Sauber Nissan R90CK Peugeot 905 EV1 Spice-Cosworth SE90C Toyota 87C Subscribe! Facebook: Twitter:

Rally Group B - Tribute
All images and music included are not in my own possession. This is a tribute to the rallying of the middle 80's, when Group B monsters dominated the championship. There were no serious restrictions for the cars and no limitations for developing, the tracks were extremely dangerous and the crowd were as close to the cars as possible. As the result of rapid evolution the cars became as powerful as F1 cars and it was too much for human abilities to keep them on the nasty roads on the limit. In 1986, after several horrible crashes, FIA banned Group B rallying forever. Editor- David Režný Music - Artist: Ludovico Einaudi Title: Divenire

group c tribute
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