AC Drive System for EV

A 3-phase AC drive system for an electric car, using a rewound industrial induction motor.

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My Civic EV Electric Car Project Part 3 Our AC-50 Electric Motor Kit
2001 Honda Civic Electric Car Project. Our AC-50 Electric Motor Kit. Just alittle video to show the components I have selected to drive our electric car down the road. This is a well thought out kit that I have seen in use and have seen relentlessly tested! This exact same kit and others are available at Our motor @ 108v at 650a up to 3800 RPM will deliver 121ftlbs of torque and 76hp. Its designed and works best in cars under 3000lbs. Subscribe to Tomswonderfulworld watch and learn as I build an Electric Car.

REBBL Siemens AC motor DMOC controller kit demonstration
Demonstration of a Siemens AC motor, Azur DMOC controller setup with Calb batteries and the EVTV GEVQ interface, in the Rebbl EV Conversion Workshop. Want to know about the advantages and disadvantages? For what kind of car or boat would this setup be perfect? Watch the movie and you'll know all about it. Now available in our webshop

Electric Drive System Overview by James Lambden, Propulsion Marine is now
Propulsion Marine's Electric Drive System, Now for Sailboats by James Lambden. A Revolution in sailing. Shot & Cut by Matthew Marzano Produced by Matt's Media Mountain

Viking AC Motor driving to 200 Hz (6000 rpm) with Vacon VFD
Viking 4-pole AC motor with power of 0,55 kW (0,75 HP) is drived with Vacon Variable Frequency Drive Inverter up to 6000 rpm with drive frequency of 200 Hz (Normally 50 Hz/1350 rpm when directly connected to 3~50 Hz network.) This is safe, but in long operation of frequencies above 100 Hz may need special bearings on motor. Viking-oikosulkumoottoria (4-napainen) teholtaan 0,55 kW ajetaan Vacon-taajuusmuuttajalla 6000 r/min asti 200:n Hz:n ajotaajuudella. (Normaalisti 4-napainen moottori pyörii jättämän verran alle 1500 kierrosta minuutissa 3~ 50 Hz verkossa.) Tämä on turvallista, mutta pitkään ajettaessa yli sadan Hertsin taajuudella täytyy moottorin laakerointi olla kunnossa.