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RX7 TII First Start After Overhaul Project

RX7 TII first start after about a year's long restoration.


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First Drive - '87 RX7 Turbo II Project
Rtek7 Stg 2.1 ECU, 4 x 7200cc, 255lph Walbro, BNR Stg 1 Hybrid turbo w/30mm WG, RB Downpipe w/ Straight 3" pipe to N1 Styled Cans, Stg 2 Clutch, KYB AGX's, NGK A/Fx Wideband, etc....emissions removed. This is just a test drive, there is still a lot to do to it before it's really streetable as a daily driver.

RXTASY's 1987 2nd. Gen. RX-7 TII Halfbridgeport 13B
Various clips of my experience's throughout the years.

RX-7 Turbo II Swap Start-Up
turbo II start up

First start after 12 months of work,special porting by the guru "ross" of dragon performance.

Racing Beat TII Exhaust RX-7
because there is a lack of sound clips for this sweet product. Rev TII full turbo-back on an 87 TII RX7 with hybrid turbo.

RX7 Turbo II
First time running in a few months after a bunch of work. 13BT with FD Manifolds, Custom VMIC, BNR T04B V-trim, Rtek7 Stg 2.1 ECU, GReddy Profec B Spec 2 @ 12psi, 255lph Walbro and (4) 720cc Injectors.

Me and Dan tryied to top out his 88 Mazda RX-7 turbo II and got a coolant leak going 140mph

Diablo gto vs TII rx-7
diablo- full Exhaust rx7- turbo II swap, unknown mods close race, gto won by about 3/4 car Heres another angle from the 7 ,GTO pulls in third and lets off due to car in lane http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mshFxL5ydk

20b Second Gen RX-7
Car built by Mechanical Power Systems in Canada. MPS Mazda RX7 3 Rotor 20B Peripheral Port turbo w/Slide Valve and custom eccentric shaft Street Legal... www.mpsys.ca

$200 RX7 First Start Up
1984 Mazda RX7 bought for $200 first start up after being parked for 4 years. And yes, it's running on 4 year old gas too (with a little help from some starter fluid)

J-Spec.nl RX-7 FC Fire-Up
13b Engine startup & First drive

T66 87 RX-7 TII First start
RX-7 TII First start

RX7 Fc3 Restoration Ported
Ported rebuilt and restored.. T2 Tranny Lsd Rearend.. More to come.

Rx7 fd3 first time starting, bad water seal lots of smoke
First start after attempting many times a few days ago with no luck just managed to flood it. This time i adjusted the idle screw out 1 turn as was having to use the throttle before to keep it running what after a few seconds would flood it, plugged the stock ecu back in, span the engine over at full throttle with the coils unplugged, ecu/injector fuse out and plugs out to clear the rotors of any fuel, heated my plugs up in the oven at 150 deg c for 10 minutes lol and started no problem. The smoke from around the turbos is because i heat wrapped the downpipe and it hasnt got hot before. Has sat for over 4months without running in what time i slowley carried out these mods, hks downpipe, hks rs intakes, blitz nur spec cat back, removing air pump, removing ACV and solenoids, under drive pulleys, replacing all the vacuum pipes under the UIM with silicone ones, fitting Efini Y Pipes, hks hard pipes with samco hoses and of corse the Apexi power fc pro with commander. Lots of smoke in this video where it has a bad water seal. I knew about this before starting it this time but wanted to check all the vac pipes etc were good and it would start before looking in to the water prob any thurther. Car is running good compression at the moment but dont know for how much longer! Min 107 psi and max 115psi Hopefully what i done above may help some of you others unflood your car! The ecu fuse is next to the battery positive terminal and is the centre one of the 5.

RX-7 Then to NOW
a slide show of when i got my rx7 and what i hace done on it. i would have more pics of rust work and repair but the pics are lost. and a very big thanks to my DAD for helping me and all my friends.

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