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1987 Volkswagen Fox Weber 32/36.

Fuel pump all set, idles nice - Need to finalize the linkage, fix up the injector block offs. Then ready for some seat time...


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36 DCD Weber in VW Golf
I reconditioned the 36DCD and fitted it in the car. This is the result. The drivers face always is the best Dyno results. I simply removed the single VW carb and replaced with my special worked 36DCD and adapter plate. K&N filter on top and motor is stock. Best mod for any car.

Ford Corrtina MK4 Weber 32/36 service
Took down my Weber 32/36 carby to look at the accelerator pump check valve. Its a 1.6 and originally had the single barrel 1.6 carb so I had to do some modding to the original 1.6 air box for it to fit the Weber. The 1.6 throttle linkage was also too long so I use a makeshift adapter plate to get it to line up properly with the Weber.

Porsche 914 Type IV 1.7L engine with 90mm domed high compression pistons. 66mm stroke crank Weber 32/36 Progressive Carb #022 casting heads Fresh Tune-up with 009 distributor & new Bosch coil Bottom end has 15k miles, top end including rod bearings have 0 miles. Engine came to me with a dropped valve seat in 1 head, was repaired and is now up for sale.

My 1988 VW Fox
4-speed 1.8 Fox, perfect 1st car. Just put some Mk3 wheels on it, so decided to wash it and make a quick video.

1988 VW Fox drive

A tip for pulling Bosch CIS fuel injectors
Volkswagen, Audi, Volvo, and some Ford vehicles used this Bosch CIS Fuel Injection Systems in their cars. Dirty fuel injectors can cause bad MPG, loss of power, hesitation and so on. Also bad seals on the injectors WILL cause vacuum leaks. A injector cleaning video will be coming soon, as that is a tricky thing to do. And always replace the o-rings when you remove these, and preferably also the brass seat and cups that are in the head.

Playin with my Weber 32/36 DGEV
1986 Subaru GL "NED" 1.8L EA82 with Weber 32/36 DGEV

Weber 32/36 Sync-Link Experiment
Removing the secondary linkage for improved fuel economy on long trips.

90 VW Fox Wagon Introduction
Short walk around of my 1990 VW Fox Wagon. This car is also known in Brasil as a Parati.

B5 RS4 with C5 RS6 V8 engine
Courtesy of rs-quattro.de these pictures and video highlight an awesome project of transplanting a C5 RS6 V8 engine into a B5 RS4 body.

1993 VW fox dyno
1993 wolfsburg fox Dyno 80.5 HP

My 1993 Volkswagen Fox GL
*watch high quality so pictures are clear* My 1993 4 door sedan VW FOX GL Wolfsburg Edition! Its a 5 speed everything is original! lol i think its really amazing :D

Beetle Juiced - The Custom V8 Volkswagen VW Beetle
I was at the 2012 Mischief.tv Mid Atlantic MEGA Meet in Glen Burnie, Maryland when I spotted this custom Volkswagen Beetle that had been customized from a stock 4 cylinder air-cooled engine into a one of a kind custom front-engine v8 VW Beetle. Never seen one before and glad I got to see this one! Very cool

Nissan pickup 1.wmv
Nissan SD23 pickup

sleeper vw bug
I took a 60 vw bug that was sitting for 25 years, rebuilt a motor for it, and took it to the track. Didnt even wash it! to Prove whats on the outside isnt what counts. Its what we DONT see that does. Motor is all VW with stock block clearenced for stroker crank, stock crank is welded stroker, has 92mm pistons to equal 2180, vw heads ported, and dual IDF webber carbs. mild 125 engle cam. I know its not a super fast car like most other videos on here, but for what it is, a stock bug with skinny 165 metric tires, and a stock vw motor with very old hot rod technology, it does pretty good. The way it is I a ran a 13.41@100mph on the stock tires. I have since pulled the motor and building 2235 with Mofoco 050 Made in USA heads, FK45, 48idf's, Pouter 1:4's

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