1987 Volkswagen Fox Weber 32/36.

Fuel pump all set, idles nice - Need to finalize the linkage, fix up the injector block offs. Then ready for some seat time...

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My 1988 VW Fox
4-speed 1.8 Fox, perfect 1st car. Just put some Mk3 wheels on it, so decided to wash it and make a quick video.

K402 weber carb kit 1984 rabbit Gti
Yeah, guess it shouldn't be a gti anymore

Playin with my Weber 32/36 DGEV
1986 Subaru GL "NED" 1.8L EA82 with Weber 32/36 DGEV

Rustie, My 1987 VW Fox
Just messing around with movie maker. The first thing I've done myself. The car is Rustie, my 1987 VW Fox, "offroad edition". You can go head and hate but I love foxs. My 1989 fox is currently getting 37mpg so hate on that! Song is Autobahn by Shorn because youtube is a douchebag and made me change it. The fool in the video is my best friend Kyler. He always is helping me out. I know this is the sux video, but it is my first time and I am just figuring out how to use windows movie maker. If anyone knows of a better program please let me know by leaving a message in the comments below! Thanks! My iVdub page: http://www.ivdub.com/omega2669 Here is the link for Bentley Publisher's VW Fox Service Manual. It is the best manual I have used for any car in my life. http://www.bentleypublishers.com/vw/fox/1987-1993/VW-Fox-1987-1993-Repair-M anual.html