1987 Volkswagen Fox Weber 32/36.

Fuel pump all set, idles nice - Need to finalize the linkage, fix up the injector block offs. Then ready for some seat time...

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VW mk1 rabbit ( Project Ferrabbit ) first start up.
mk1 rabbit first start with1.8 8v 4 barrel carburetor g grind cam performance header 10:1 compression pistons

36 DCD Weber in VW Golf
I reconditioned the 36DCD and fitted it in the car. This is the result. The drivers face always is the best Dyno results. I simply removed the single VW carb and replaced with my special worked 36DCD and adapter plate. K&N filter on top and motor is stock. Best mod for any car.

90 VW Fox
1990 VW Fox, Mods include 32/36 DFEV Weber carb, VW Rabbit intake manifold, Custom Short Header, TT 268 degree performance Cam, TT adjustable Cam Sprocket, MSD Blaster 2 coil, TT 2" cat back Exhaust, MagnaFlow high flow Cat. VW G60 Valve cover, BMW E30 motor mounts, and other little goodies.

Gol 1.6 Turbo Gemeos Racing
Gol 88 1.6 Ap com APL .42.48, Só com 0,8 de pressão, carro feito pra roda no dia a dia montagem e preparação: Gemeos Racing, Video atualizado: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-oIdHJ5NhY