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kawasaki KX250 yamaha YZ250 honda CR250 suzuki LTZ400

Short clip of what we do for kicks on our day off. My first day sporting the KX250.


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1993 KX250 Cold Startup and Ride
After a 7-8 Month Hiatus, I've finally got my ol' 93' KX250 running better than ever. Following Improvements to the bikes since; - New High-Flo Air Filter - New Piston Rings - New Crank Seals and Bearings - Linkage has been rebuilt - Clutch Plates and Clutch Basket has been rebuilt - Carbueretor has been cleaned and rejetted for less bottom end bog and more Mid-Range Power - New Clutch and Brake Levers (Kawasaki OEM) - New MSR Gear Shifter - New Steel Footpegs (Kawasaki OEM) - New Thorttle and Brake Cables (Also Kawi OEM) - Shaved Flywheel Weight - New 14-49 Aluminum Front and Rear Sprockets - New Steel Chain Future Wish list of modifications: -New Plastics -New Rear Brake Disc -New Tires (Both Front and Rear are worn) -New Silencer (Perferbly Shorty or Powercore 2) Overall it performs a 1,000 times better than when originally picked up this a hunk of junk for 250 dollars, Overall I think it was a pretty good investment and I've very much enjoyed this project bike but its still far from showroom condition.....

JR 2005 CR250
JR First day sporting the 05 CR250. riding with 03 KX250 and 03 CR250. Ganny MAY04-12

kx 500 start up

cr250 vs kx250.....

Honda Cr 250 ,Yamaha YZ 250 ,Kawasaki KX 250

Kawasaki KX 250 FMF Gnarly - Sweet 2-Stroke Sound Compilation
My Kawasaki KX 250 with FMF Gnarly pipe. Sweet 2-Stroke Sound Compilation. Enjoy the sweet sound of a KX 250cc 2-stroke Dirtbike.

Kawasaki KX 250 - Donuts
some donuts with my KX 250. Song: TeknoAXE's Royalty Free Music - Royalty Free Music #215 (Strip Away the Polish) Progressive Metal/Alternative/Rock http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z22Gdc8Y_2U

KX 250 2-Stroke - First rides -
Amateur Dirtbiking. Some video footage from my first 10 hours with KX250 -06.

Kawasaki KX 250 - Yamaha YZ 250

petit tour en 250 yz vs 250 cr +cailloux dans la mains+glisse
petit tour de test improviser! donc l'équipement a été dispenser pour une fois et ses la que l'on se rencontre qu'il est indispensable

96 cr250 vs. 00 yz250
oakmont, under the turnpike bridge.

Kx 250 vs Yz 250
Zach and I racing in his field. I lose like always lol but had a hell of a time.

Built LTZ434 LTZ400 LTZ 400 Walk Around and Update
LTZ434 LTZ400 LTZ 400 Walk Around and update Built

Motocross Young gun tearing it up on Cr 250
Toofast J dusted off his trusty number 9 steed after a little while off the bike....and was just loving it!

KX 250 and YZ 250 having some fun!!!!!
1987 kx 250 im on and my mate is on a 2011 i think yz 250 its a nice bike!!!

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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