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kawasaki KX250 yamaha YZ250 honda CR250 suzuki LTZ400

Short clip of what we do for kicks on our day off. My first day sporting the KX250.


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Kawasaki KX 250 - Yamaha YZ 250

KX 250 2-Stroke - First rides -
Amateur Dirtbiking. Some video footage from my first 10 hours with KX250 -06.

MX-Freeride Kawasaki KX 250

Kawasaki KX 250 - Donuts
some donuts with my KX 250. Song: TeknoAXE's Royalty Free Music - Royalty Free Music #215 (Strip Away the Polish) Progressive Metal/Alternative/Rock http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z22Gdc8Y_2U

2003 KX250 2003 CR250 2005 CR250 2STROKE TRAIL BLAZING MAY04-2012
Kawasaki and Honda go at it. May4th-2012 Part13 Trail Ride

Kx 250 vs Yz 250
Zach and I racing in his field. I lose like always lol but had a hell of a time.

Yamaha yz250 vs kawasaki kx250
Flat track racing out on sunday we were bored and thought we would go and race each other Yamaha yz250 1998 vs Kawasaki kx250 2005, kawasaki is polished and ported and is more powerful but both good riders, gotta love that smell anything more than 2 stroke's is a wank!!!

cr250 vs kx250.....

Banshee 350 KX450F CR250 & RM250 Drag Racing Go Pro
Fun with friends featuring various off road machines. Kevan Rexin Kawasaki KX 450F Kurtis Lowe Yamaha Banshee 350 Rod Graffunder Honda CR 250 Jason McColl Suzuki RM 250 March 22 2012

Enduro ride cr250
Enduro ride honda cr250

YZ 250 and KX 250


motocross helmet cam CAMARA abordo yz 250 vs. cr250
cr 250 vs. yz250 helmet cam

How to change piston / top end rebuild 2002-2007 Honda Cr 250
Join the FREZ PRODUCTIONS Facebook site! https://www.facebook.com/frezproductions I`ve got many nice comments for making the "Honda Cr 125 piston / top end rebuild" movie. In this movie, I show in good detail how to chance the piston on your two stroke Honda Cr 125. A similar movie for the Honda Cr250 would be nice, and that's what I have made. Hope you like it! The bike used in this movie is a 2007 Honda Cr250. Always use the right manual for your bike! The 2002-2007 Honda Cr250 bikes are very much alike but there are some changes. That's why the right manual for your year is important. Good luck! Frez Productions

Cr 125 vs. Kx 250. HONDA WINS. 2 stroke battle Great Sound
125cc 2 stroke Beats 250cc 2 stroke.? Sounds incredible (: Subscribe and Like (:

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?


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