San Fernando Raceway 1967 8 mm film (very poor quality)

Old home movie on 8mm film recording my Mustang and other cars racing at the old San Fernando Raceway in San Fernando California circa 1967. Sorry, no sound because the old 8mm film home movies were silent. Also the quality is very poor because it did not transfer well to video. But it is interesting anyways.

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8mm film: 1940-1941 color amateur movies of pre-WWII America
The film starts out in 1940 at Pollock, South Dakota with a parade of vehicles and farm equipment. Other clips: formal dinner, lumber yard, Grauman's Chinese Theatre showing "Man Hunt", a family gathering, glimpse of Yellowstone, semi-mechanized farm harvest, San Francisco, ocean fishing boat, outdoor lunch, campsite cooking, Christmas, children's musical, and a harvest of golden grain. It ends with rural town scenes. Family home movies that are this old that are in color are somewhat rare. For instance, major motion pictures shot in the 35mm format were often black and white. The color of this 8mm film is still good though it has lost its original sharpness. Recommended viewing setting is 1080p. Please wait for the progress bar to move forward sufficiently to avoid playback hesitation.

8mm Film Transfer - In My Life DVD (2006)
This video shows you how to transfer your 8mm film reels to video.

8mm Film Restored 1939-1940
8mm Film Restored 1939-1940

Racing my mustang Lions Dragstrip Willmington (Long Beach) California 8mm film from 1967
Racing my Mustang at Lions dragstrip in Willmington (Long Beach) California in 1967. Taken with a 8mm film home movie camera. Pardon for the poor quality but it is enjoyable because of the vintage. No sound from a 8mm film camera back then.