08 Impala SS vs. 09 G8 GT

My 303hp Impala SS vs. my brothers 09 361hp G8 GT

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07 Impala ss vs. 08 Eclipse gt v6
Both cars are bone stock 1st race 10 roll 2nd race 20 roll

2009 Chevrolet Impala SS
We bought one of the first 2006 Impala's back in the fall of 2005 (an LS with the 3.5 liter V-6), literally right off the car carrier. Despite being wary of buying the first production year of ANYTHING, we loved that car! We were impressed with the performance of the 3.5 and it was a GREAT car! As you might have guessed, being a "motor head", I enjoy performance just for the sake of performance, I do a LOT of highway driving. I could get consistently between 29 and 31 MPG's with the 2006 (depending on headwind vs tailwind) at "rural Kansas speeds". The only gripe I had actually were the sun visors, after about a year, they stopped staying up, I eventually put some velcro on the headliner. Obviously, a "first year issue"... However, time marches on and "The Rocket" as the kids named our first one, had 71,000 miles on it. Since we finally got a decent refund, we thought we would stop by the Chevy dealer and see what was what. We had honestly set out to get an LTZ with the 3.9 liter, but we made a critical mistake! We took the SS out for a test drive... "Go ahead sir... mash her down once... No I mean REALLY mash it" The rest as they say is history! We LOVE the 5.3 liter V-8... the heated leather, the BOSE, the power seats, the steering wheel audio controls, the On-Star. People ask.. but what about the GAS milleage? I simply respond, "I did NOT buy THIS CAR for gas milleage..." I reach in my pocket and trip the remote start, when the V-8 rumbles to life I continue... "I bought it for THAT!" With the changes at GM... I am glad I got my modern, slick and striking muscle car before WE are force fed "Chevettes" again....

Jim's 2008 Impala SS at the strip
My 2008 Impala SS at Milan Dragway. K&N Intake, 3" Downpipe, Tune by Milzy, BFG G-Force Drag radials.

2006 Impala SS Tuned Vs 2011 Mustang V6 Tuned
*** Note this was in a private road***** First race was a 35 roll and second race was a 50 roll. 2006 Impala SS 5.3 Mods . Tuned,Cai, headers and LS6 intake 2011 Mustang V6 3.7 Mods Tuned, Catless, and 4.10 gears