Crash Scenes #1: (My first, so not very good..) #2: #3: #4: I have many more GTA IV videos on my channel, check them out! :P

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Fail Race: GTA IV PC - PMP 600 vs Intruder at Exhaust Fumes
My first upload, as uberman53, finally! In this race, me and stonee206 are racing executive cars on the track Exhaust Fumes. uberman53 - PMP 600 stonee206 - Intruder PC STATS: Dell Inspiron 15 500 GB HD, 4 GB RAM ATI Radeon Graphics Card Please comment, rate, subscribe! -uberman53 at KillanatorVids

GTA IV ~ Double T Custom ~ HD (mod)
Little movie with a amazing motorbike imported of TLAD on GTAIV, the double T custom ;) I edited this movie quickly this afternoon after 7 month without edited nothing as movie, the result is not bad for a come back on sony vegas :) I hope you'll like, have fun ;) Available here : 40&orderBy= Or here too : And do not forget your helmet :p encoding in H264 (110 mo). Oops i've forgot a "E" at favourite. lol

GTA IV 2012 Cadillac Escalade ESV Crash Testing
Download Link Below And INFO No "Real" cars or "People" where harmed in the making of this film. Mod By smokey8808 v1_0/144-1-0-5775 Music - Infected Euphoria By Roads - HD Roads for Manhattan - V 1.1 By Lord Neophyte

gta 4 GMC Yukon Crash test HD
about crashtesting GMC Yukon in gta 4.. gta 4 gta5 gta 5 grand theft auto 5 grand theft auto 4 grand theft auto IV grand theft auto V gta 4 fail gta 4 error gta 4 epic fail gta 4 graphics mod gta 4 enb gta 4 look good