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gta 4 GMC Yukon Crash test HD
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GTA 5 Crash test - GMC Yukon Denali 2015
Скачать модификацию (Download modification): place/858-1-0-3646 Краш-тест модификации в виде рамного полноразмерного внедорожника GMC Yukon Denali 2015 для видео игры Grand Theft Auto V. Описание: - детализированный экстерьер - детализированный интерьер - остаются пулевые отверстия - открываются все двери и крышка моторного отсека - зеркала отражают игровой мир - руль поворачивается - экстерьер перекрашивается - все стёкла тонируются, простреливаются, трескаются и разбиваются - рабочие фары - фары разбиваются - экстерьер пачкается и царапается - покрышки колёс прокалываются - корректное отображение колёсного диска после разрыва покрышки - присутствует подсветка приборов на приборной панели - присутствует подсветка стрелок спидометра и тахометра - рабочие стрелки спидометра и тахометра - руки персонажа обхватывают руль - в автомобиле могут находится до четырёх персонажей - вдалеке модель выглядет также как и вблизи Тестировался в версии игры 1.0.678.1 Автор 3d модели: Alejandro Moreno Автор конвертера в GTA V: SaleeN Предыдущий краш-тест: D-efUsClStZ-_Ghmb Следующий краш-тест: D-efUsClStZ-_Ghmb Подписывайтесь на канал: Подписывайтесь на канал: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- EN (Description in English) Author 3d model: Alejandro Moreno Author converter in GTA V: SaleeN Previous crash test: D-efUsClStZ-_Ghmb Following crash test: D-efUsClStZ-_Ghmb Subscribe to the channel: Subscribe to the channel: Affiliate program: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- Для желающих помочь в развитии канала Сбербанк 4276 1100 1185 2411 Райффайзен 4627 2914 7463 4615 Yandex 410011689365587 Qiwi +79178379869 Моя партнерская программа VSP Group. Подключайся!

Crash Test 2015 FORD F-150 SuperCrew and SuperCab
In the small overlap front test, each F-150 traveled at 40 mph toward a 5-foot-tall rigid barrier. Twenty-five percent of the pickup’s total width struck the barrier on the driver side, where a Hybrid III dummy representing an average-size man was positioned at the steering wheel. The test replicates what happens when the front corner of a vehicle collides with another vehicle or an object such as a tree or a utility pole. The two versions of the F-150 had markedly different outcomes. “In a small overlap front crash like this, there’s no question you’d rather be driving the crew cab than the extended cab F-150,” Zuby says. The crew cab’s occupant compartment remained intact. The front-end structure crumpled in a way that spared the occupant compartment significant intrusion and preserved survival space for the driver. Measures recorded on the test dummy indicated low risk of injuries to the dummy’s head, chest, legs and feet. The front and side curtain airbags worked together to keep the dummy’s head from contacting injury-producing stiff interior structures or outside objects. The dummy’s head loaded the front airbag, which stayed in place until the dummy rebounded. The extended cab is a different story. Intruding structure seriously compromised the driver’s survival space, resulting in a poor structural rating. The toepan, parking brake and brake pedal were pushed back 10-13 inches toward the dummy, and the dashboard was jammed against its lower legs. Measures recorded on the dummy indicated there would be a moderate risk of injuries to the right thigh, lower left leg and left foot in a real-world crash of this severity. The steering column was pushed back nearly 8 inches and came dangerously close to the dummy’s chest. The dummy’s head barely contacted the front airbag before sliding off to the left and hitting the instrument panel. “Ford added structural elements to the crew cab’s front frame to earn a good small overlap rating and a TOP SAFETY PICK award but didn’t do the same for the extended cab,” Zuby observes. “That shortchanges buyers who might pick the extended cab thinking it offers the same protection in this type of crash as the crew cab. It doesn’t.” The Institute has briefed Ford on the results. In a statement, the manufacturer said, “Ford is evaluating possible changes to the extended cab for small offset performance.” The Institute assigned the crew cab and extended crew models good ratings for occupant protection in a moderate overlap front crash based on test data shared by Ford for both cab styles as part of the Institute’s front crash-test verification process. The F-150 qualifies for the program because the earlier-generation models were rated good in this test. In the side impact test for both models, measures taken from both the driver dummy and the passenger dummy seated in the rear seat indicated low risk of significant injuries in a real-world crash like this one. The side curtain airbag deployed from the roof to protect the dummies’ heads from hitting any hard structures, including the intruding 3,300- pound SUV-like test barrier striking the driver side at 31 mph. The crew cab’s roof withstood a force of nearly 6 times the pickup’s weight and the extended cab’s roof withstood a force of 5.3 times the pickup’s weight, an indication that the roofs will help protect occupants in rollover crashes. The IIHS ratings apply to the 2015 SuperCrew F-150 and the SuperCab F-150 only. The Institute hasn’t evaluated the 2015 regular cab. If you love cars, you should subscribe now to YouCar's channel: Go ahead, it's free! All the Best. ------------------------------------------------------- Website: Facebook: