Lexus "Laser" Key Cutting

Can you see the laser in this video? Lexus keys have never used lasers for key cutting, but rather sophisticated equipment for guiding a cutting bit along a preset path based on a Lexus VIN.

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Cheap Car Key Replacement with
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Flip Key Instructions: 3 Button Lexus/Toyota Key to Aftermarket Flip Key Conversion
Go from your standard 3 button key to a Flip Key. Easy instructions on how to take the Flip Key apart and put back together. We sell aftermarket shells like the ones shown. If you would like to order go to: www.BOYDSLOCKSMITH.NET

Lexus Car Key Replacement | American Best Locksmith
Watch as American Best Locksmith completes Lexus car key replacement for a customer with a damaged car key. TRANSCRIPT Hi, this is Mike. Today we are going to show you how to duplicate a key for the Lexus this is one of our units. The guy who is going to perform the job his name is Steve, he is going to use the 3D Pro, the high security machine. So those are the two lexus keys one of the is damaged we have the shell and are just going to switch the motherboard into the new shell and then we are going to cut it. We are going to show you how it works. Now we are going to trace the key to get the existing combination. Now we have the actual cuts from the old key and now we are going to cut it on the new key. Perfect, works very smoothly. =================================== For Lexus car key and ignition services you can call American Best Locksmith 24/7. (877) 340-3344

Lexus, Hyundai, and Kia Code Cutting-SD2
Demonstrates the "single key" procedure for code cutting Lexus, Hyundai, and Kia keys. Please note that a special cutter & setup key are required for the single key method. To view the Sidewinder 2 catalog page visit For Sidewinder accessories and parts, visit