Stock Car Racing Is MAGIC! With Lyrics

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F1 stock car display
Skegness stadium carnival day 2012. Two awesome 700+ horsepower formula 1 stock cars roll out on to the track for a few laps of tyre smoking action.

Saloon Stock cars British Cowdenbeath racewall 2014
Saloon British Championship

British Stock Car Racing Crashes
A compilation of crashes from the world of stock car racing in the UK. These clips are from the Crimond events and Cowdenbeaths Racewall events.

Taunton Crasharama 27/5/13
28 cars came to put on a show for Autospeed's annual Crasharama. Despite the numbers being low, The drivers that were there put on a great show!. Dwo fully in the thick of the action and what a DD!.