Pony Warz - April 2011.mov

Camaro vs Mustang vs Corvette vs Challenger vs Barracuda vs Lightning vs Silverado, etc!!! Awesome Burnouts and Drags!

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Pony Wars 2011 - Sponsored By Steeda Autosports, LSR Performance & SMGP
Video highlights of this years Pony Wars held at South Georgia Motorsports Park.

2010 SS RS stock run.mov
Totally stock 2010 SS RS Camaro 1/4 mile run with Shelby GT

Pony Wars 2011
Pony Wars 2 April 2, 2011 at SGMP

BlackHawk6 - Fall Run 2010
BlackHawk6 drives The Tail of the Dragon, Atlanta Motor Speedway and Talladega in his 2010 SS Camaro. Songs in order of use: Artist: Brad Sucks - CD: Out of It 1) "Understood By Your Dad"; CD: I Don't Know What I'm Doing 2) "Bad Attraction" & 3) "Borderline" and CD: Out of It 4) "Gasoline". Also, The Brainsick Spawns: CD: The Brainsick Spawns 1) "Who I Was".