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Ceny Insigni 2014: Radosław Sarnowski sprawdza nową Insignię 2.0 Diesel 163KM z automatem. Pokazujemy system Intellilink, nawigację, fajne żaluzje, gniazdko 230V, Jeśli rozważasz zakup Opla Insigni, zobacz ten test!

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Opinie: Opel Insignia, top wersja | Dixi-Car
Nowa Insignia w topowej wersji. Wygodny fotel z podgrzewaniem i wentylacją, elektryczna klapa bagażnika, 8-calowy wyświetlacz zamiast prędkościomierza. Mnóstwo schowków. Bezkluczykowe otwieranie drzwi i start silnika. Zobacz Opla Insignię SportsTourer Executive! Ceny:

Nowy Opel INSIGNIA B 2017 | Dixi-Car
Design flagowego Opla Insignia ujawniony, prezentacja, premiera. Nadwozie, kabina, wnętrze.

2015 Opel Insignia FL BiTurbo (195hp) - 0-230 km/h acceleration (1080p)
Fast Autobahn acceleration test with the facelifted 2014/2015 Opel Insignia Biturbo 2.0 CDTI delivering 195 hp and 400 Nm of torque through a conventional and nice shifting 6-speed manual transmission. Similar to the Volvo that I test drove a few days ago I was anticipating this drive for a long long time. Not only was I interested to see how good Opels Bi-turbo Diesel actually goes but also to experience the improvements that the Facelift in 2013/2014 had brought. Point 1: The engine is very punchy and fuel efficient (6.5/100km over all). Point 2: The improvements in technology and quality are really noticeable in the inside, especially the new steering wheel (premium feel) and the "virtual dashboard" are making this car special! But enough for today, now I want to hear your thoughts about the car. Please make sure to LIKE / COMMENT / SUBSCRIBE and don't miss the full Drive & Sound coming out next week!

Opel Insignia OPC Facelift Interior | AutoMotoTV
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