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Hurstville Clean-Up Pt 2

Another series of piles getting fed to this old truck, with a nice variety of objects and materials thrown in...


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Hurstville Clean-Up Pt 1
During my last visit to the council I did a quick run for a couple of kilometres from the Tuesday service area to the clean-up zone to catch this truck. I only had to run through a few streets, where I came to be standing on the main road and caught the flashing beacon of this rig in the distance. I was hoping to bump into the really old Formula 5000 that they used to have on clean-up, but a few days earlier found out it had been moved down to Canberra, which totally sucked! Instead I got to video this JP5 collecting all the un-wanted junk that had been tossed out onto the kerb. There wasn't as much material out compared to what I expected, but there were still a few nice piles put out for collection - the one in this video was a MUST to get on video... where does one household keep all this garbage?! Anyway hope you enjoy the clean-up videos I took, please rate and comment, and I would like to give a cheers to these two cool garbos. If you haven't already, check out the videos of the garbage, recycling, greens and units... Body Make: MacDonald Johnston Model: 19m JP5 Chassis: International Acco Council: Hurstville City Contractor: Cleanaway (Transpacific Industries) Collection Type: Clean-Up / Bulk-Waste

Three heils
They are smashing it! What are the odds of finding three heils in one street! Best video i have made in long time. Thanks heaps to the crew and driver! This is a sub contractor to TPI for Hornsby collections.

Warringah Clean-Up Pt 1
This is one of the former Warringah trucks I had been trying to get on film for a hell of a long time, until I finally snapped up some footage of two of these old pieces of machinery during early 2009 when the clean-up was on in my area. There were a few of these trucks used for all the green-waste and clean-up collections during the earlier years of Veolia's contracting in my council. Since then a lot of you will have seen videos of the newer Veolia trucks that were brought in during 2004. These ancient trucks did pretty well considering they were built in 1989... I got this video of truck 037 at the end of a cul-de-sac where a couple of houses dumped all their crap in one pile, spread along for about 50 metres. There's some nice wooden furniture that was put out and plenty of other crunchy material that got chewed up... videoing the clean-up during the warmer months is always the way to go! I hope you enjoy this big video of bulk waste getting totally screwed up in the jaws of this old rig, crunching the materials up into nothing. After you watch this, you may like to take a look at the other two clean-up videos I put up, one of an ex-vegetation truck and one of the other Scania in the fleet. I hope you enjoy the action, please rate and comment. Body Make: Compaction Systems (now Superior Pak) Model: 19m Maxi Pak Chassis: Scania 93H Council: Warringah Shire Contractor: Veolia Environmental Services Collection Type: Clean-Up / Bulk-Waste

Rockdale Clean-Up Pt. 2
This is the footage I managed to capture of the first truck; you'll see they were starting to fill up. I also threw in a green-waste clip of the second truck I found...

City of Ryde - Bundled Green-Waste
Back with the same funny guys on the clean-up, except this time it is all about picking up the green-waste. This is what I found them doing first up that Thursday morning; moving through a few streets and collecting the bundles of tree trimmings. There is plenty of packing involved in this video, including a clip which shows the Heil struggling on some timber. Hope you enjoy the action, all ratings and comments are highly appreciated.

City of Ryde - The Best Clean-Up Ever!!! Pt 1
Personally, I believe the City of Ryde has some of the nicest looking garbage trucks cruising through its streets. Like c'mon, just look at this rear loader... you have to admit it looks awesome! This truck was my top priority for my re-visit to Ryde, and it is sort of funny how it was the last thing I managed to get. On the third day of my visit to Ryde, from when I got off the train, took the elevator to the top, exited the station and rode my bike to the service area, I was praying that I wouldn't fail to catch this truck again. I knew exactly where I had to be after seeing the same area twice on previous days, and that is exactly where I headed. I was close to having a heart-attack when I saw all the piles, that I was sure would have been serviced, still sitting on the kerbside. My hopes were slowly drowned as I sped around the neighbourhood, with no sign of a truck passing by. Then just as I was getting close to giving up, I was rolling down a smooth hill on my bike, when I saw a shiny green machine round the corner and disappear into a street about 200m away from me. Without hesitation I tailed the truck and noticed they were only doing the green-waste, which worried me that I wouldn't get any actual clean-up action. After gaining permission to film from two of Sydney's friendliest and funniest garbos, I also found out that they were going to come back for the clean-up after a few more streets... a total relief. So after following them for about 20mins and shooting some footage of bundled tree trimmings getting chewed up, they tipped off, I had a pit stop at a nearby service station and before I knew it they were back and chucking TVs, sofas, chairs, cupboards, shelfs, boxes and all that stuff into their Heil. This would be the best clean-up footage I've captured; perfect piles set-out, the perfect truck and a very entertaining team. I hope you enjoy the videos I took of the classic household waste collection, ratings and comments are much appreciated. Also I'd like to give a massive thanks to the driver and the loader for making all this possible. Make sure you visit my other Ryde videos to see more truly awesome trucks... Body Make: Heil Environmental Industries Model: 23m Formula 4000 Chassis: Iveco Acco Council: City of Ryde Contractor: WSN Environmental Solutions Collection Type: Clean-Up / Bulk-Waste

#122 On Clean-Up Pt 1
Been a while since I've thrown up some clean-up action. Got plenty from the URM days and truck 122 is featured the most, so it only made sense to show it first. I set the camera/tripod on a bin behind the truck and let it record as we loaded a certain pile in the zone 11 area of Manly Vale. This one came from a small unit block with a nice handful of items featured, which made for a sweet video. These big 28m JP5s are very good trucks for clean-up, especially with this wide angle blade. Good couple of blokes to work with as you'll see towards the end haha See parts 1 and 2 for more of this packer in action.

Recycling the Go Green packer
Created on June 14, 2011 using FlipShare.I told the driver that Green frog was in the hopper.lol and he got recycled.

Ryde City Council Clean up
This is the council clean up service being handled by two RL's in Ryde Council. Special thanks to Geoff and Chris - funniest guys i have ever filmed! Part 2 coming up soon!

100th video special: DSNY
For my 100th video, and 4-year channel anniversary,I wanted to give you guys somehing a little more special. This is footage of one of the thousands of DSNY Heil 5000s, working in East Manhattan operated by a very freindly crew. As far as I know, this is the only DSNY truck filmed in action by a garbage truck-dedicated Youtuber. I would've gotten a LOT more video if I had the chance, but I got a really bad flu and could barely walk to the bathroom. Oh well. Anyways, expect a lot more East Coast video from me, and please comment whatever goes through your head while you watch. Enjoy!

Warringah Clean-Up Pt 1 (Truck #123 / Dirty Residents)
I took these videos one Tuesday after school while all the trucks were out trying to get the rest of my area finished. In this video we have truck 123 taking care of a large set-out by some dirty residents - all this rusted, heavy and loose material was scattered all over this nature strip. Then there is another shorter video of this truck servicing a few other piles, a single clip of 046 feeding on some sofas and a metal cabinet, then finally we have a full truck 122 struggling to get one last pile squashed in. Hope you enjoy the four videos, please rate and comment. Body Make: MacDonald Johnston Model: 28m JP5 Chassis: Iveco Acco Council: Warringah Shire Contractor: United Resource Management (URM) Collection Type: Clean-Up / Bulk-Waste

Doyle Bros Wet-Waste : A Busy Monday
Here is one of the three Doyle Bros Maxi Paks on the run again, smellier than ever, in the busy streets of Manly and around the cafes and restaurants of Dee Why... I shot these clips early in 2009 during a Monday public holiday (Queens Birthday), and having been very warm and sunny, everyone was enjoying a day out so most the bins were packed! I don't do wet waste runs very often, but I can tell you it's a really fun job; the smell is delightful, the bins weigh tonnes and the packer becomes a liquid / food waste version of a rocket launcher =] I hope you enjoy the action, all ratings and comments are greatly appreciated! Also a big thanks to the driver who you might remember from some of my earlier JM Series videos. Body Make: Superior Pak (ex- Compaction Systems) Model: 19m Maxi Pak Chassis: Iveco Acco Contractor: Doyle Bros Collection Type: Mixed Commercial Waste

Bulk waste collection Schörling 2R PART 1
street clean up in Hamburg, Germany with Leach/Schorling 2R

Campbelltown Bulk Waste
When I was in Campbelltown one Thursday I couldn't mistake a number of clean-up piles sitting on the kerbside. I knew the council ran an on-call service, I just wasn't sure if the collections occured on the actual area's collection day or anytime during the week. Well lucky for me, while wandering around Ingleburn to find the garbage truck, this massive rear loader swung out of a side street and had me chasing it seconds later. In the first action clip you'll see that the truck is starting to fill up with the way the blade doesn't fully close and starts to open while nearing the end of each pack cycle. During this video we follow the last four piles these guys managed to get into this MacDonald Johnston. I felt pretty sorry for them too, because they only had one more house to stop at, which unfortunately had a set-out too large to jam into the remaining space of the tailgate. An enormous thanks goes to these two cool garbos, hope you all enjoy the clean-up footage, then of course please rate and comment. Body Make: MacDonald Johnston Model: 28m JP5 Chassis: Iveco Acco Council: Campbelltown City Contractor: SITA Environmental Solutions Collection Type: Clean-Up / Bulk-Waste

Manly Residential Pt 2 (truck #635)
Here is one of the 3 older Manly residential trucks, being #635, servicing heaps of bins from the many units in a central Manly street. If you haven't already, be sure to take a look at truck #640 working earlier in the morning...

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