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Hurstville Clean-Up Pt 2

Another series of piles getting fed to this old truck, with a nice variety of objects and materials thrown in...


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Hurstville Clean-Up Pt 1
During my last visit to the council I did a quick run for a couple of kilometres from the Tuesday service area to the clean-up zone to catch this truck. I only had to run through a few streets, where I came to be standing on the main road and caught the flashing beacon of this rig in the distance. I was hoping to bump into the really old Formula 5000 that they used to have on clean-up, but a few days earlier found out it had been moved down to Canberra, which totally sucked! Instead I got to video this JP5 collecting all the un-wanted junk that had been tossed out onto the kerb. There wasn't as much material out compared to what I expected, but there were still a few nice piles put out for collection - the one in this video was a MUST to get on video... where does one household keep all this garbage?! Anyway hope you enjoy the clean-up videos I took, please rate and comment, and I would like to give a cheers to these two cool garbos. If you haven't already, check out the videos of the garbage, recycling, greens and units... Body Make: MacDonald Johnston Model: 19m JP5 Chassis: International Acco Council: Hurstville City Contractor: Cleanaway (Transpacific Industries) Collection Type: Clean-Up / Bulk-Waste

Rockdale Clean-Up Pt. 2
This is the footage I managed to capture of the first truck; you'll see they were starting to fill up. I also threw in a green-waste clip of the second truck I found...

Three heils
They are smashing it! What are the odds of finding three heils in one street! Best video i have made in long time. Thanks heaps to the crew and driver! This is a sub contractor to TPI for Hornsby collections.

Warringah Clean-Up Pt 3 (#046 going hard)
Just one clip I managed to get of 046 destroying both a small and large sofa, as well as some kind of metal cabinet... bit of a funny moment in this one too =]

Warringah Clean-Up Pt 3
This was the 2nd Scania in the Warringah fleet, truck 038...

Warringah Clean-Up Pt 1 (Truck #123 / Dirty Residents)
I took these videos one Tuesday after school while all the trucks were out trying to get the rest of my area finished. In this video we have truck 123 taking care of a large set-out by some dirty residents - all this rusted, heavy and loose material was scattered all over this nature strip. Then there is another shorter video of this truck servicing a few other piles, a single clip of 046 feeding on some sofas and a metal cabinet, then finally we have a full truck 122 struggling to get one last pile squashed in. Hope you enjoy the four videos, please rate and comment. Body Make: MacDonald Johnston Model: 28m JP5 Chassis: Iveco Acco Council: Warringah Shire Contractor: United Resource Management (URM) Collection Type: Clean-Up / Bulk-Waste

City of Ryde - Bundled Green-Waste
Back with the same funny guys on the clean-up, except this time it is all about picking up the green-waste. This is what I found them doing first up that Thursday morning; moving through a few streets and collecting the bundles of tree trimmings. There is plenty of packing involved in this video, including a clip which shows the Heil struggling on some timber. Hope you enjoy the action, all ratings and comments are highly appreciated.

Cambooya Split Truck
The split bin collection system was once a common find in numerous Aussie councils, way back when recycling was introduced as part of the domestic waste service. Some councils used split bins to keep paper and cardboard separated from bottles and containers and some councils used split bins to keep mixed recycling separated from general household waste. Overtime technology has become more sophisticated and there has been greater demand for capacity, which has seen the split bins gradually faded out and is now almost an extinct system. The three Richards companies ran a well known split bin system for garbage and mixed recycling, widespread in small councils and regional areas. The bins were always divided east to west, usually in a 50/50 or 70/30 configuration and could be emptied by small single axle or monster dual axle side loaders. The cool and unique thing about the Richards trucks is the finger/teeth/comb lifter utilising a water jet to spray the lids open, so the bin and truck dividers meet close and properly. Solo Resource Recovery still runs what I believe is the last split bin truck in Kyogle, the last JR Richards split bin trucks finished up in Clarence Valley in July 2012 and the last of the JJ Richards dividers completed their runs in the middle of 2013. I'd videoed a Solo and JRR truck, but I wanted to get a JJR truck on video also, so just about two years ago I found myself in the regional areas of south-west QLD, hunting down one of these split trucks in what is now Toowoomba Regional Council. First thing on a fresh Monday morning I was south of Toowoomba itself, videoing an old truck collecting the garbage in the former Clifton council area, then it was a quick drive to the next former council for the split bin action. I stuffed around in the small town of Greenmount trying to spot the truck, then travelled further north to the town of Cambooya, but I could only see full bins. An hour later I was back just outside the Cambooya locality where I finally noticed some empty bins, looked ahead in the distance and eyed an enormous dark green side loader turn off the highway and head towards the main town. I first saw pictures of this truck when it was brand new back in 2008, just brought in to replace the much older and smaller unit previously collecting in the area for well over a decade. This truck was based in the areas south of Toowoomba, servicing the former shires of Pittsworth and Cambooya, which includes a handful of urban areas and shitloads of rural coverage. It's no wonder this truck clocks up so many kilometres and is out on the road all day! There was also an identical truck doing the fulltime runs in the former Jondaryan council and there were a couple of these big splits working in Lockyer Valley under the former Laidley shire. I'll wrap up this essay length description now. Basically you've got a very rare and interesting truck collecting split bins all around the town of Cambooya on a sunny Monday morning. I went crazy taking pictures and videos of this truck, being such a special machine to document and I was very satisfied with my success, especially considering the bonus unloading view. I reckon the concluding clip was sweet, taken on the town outskirts where he approaches from the distance, empties a lone standing bin and takes off into more distance =] A note for those who are curious about the compaction, a paddle is swinging through the garbage on the bottom and an auger moves the recycling through the body up top. Lastly a massive thanks to the champion driver for being cool with me following along and for putting on some quality full throttle action; very much appreciated. Hope you enjoy the action!!!

Warringah Clean-Up Pt 2
Here is another video of one of the former vegetation trucks doing the bulk waste in Warringah - not as much destruction in this one compared to the first video, but still lots of packing and crunching!

#122 On Clean-Up Pt 1
Been a while since I've thrown up some clean-up action. Got plenty from the URM days and truck 122 is featured the most, so it only made sense to show it first. I set the camera/tripod on a bin behind the truck and let it record as we loaded a certain pile in the zone 11 area of Manly Vale. This one came from a small unit block with a nice handful of items featured, which made for a sweet video. These big 28m JP5s are very good trucks for clean-up, especially with this wide angle blade. Good couple of blokes to work with as you'll see towards the end haha See parts 1 and 2 for more of this packer in action.

Manly Residential Pt 2 (truck #635)
Here is one of the 3 older Manly residential trucks, being #635, servicing heaps of bins from the many units in a central Manly street. If you haven't already, be sure to take a look at truck #640 working earlier in the morning...

McNeilus Tag Axle Rear Loader
A McNeilus Tag Axle RL collecting bulk waste in Golden Gate, FL

Parramatta City cleanup, truck RL00052 and crew
Parramatta City cleanup, truck RL00052 and crew in Dundas area. Shaky when Ronnie is chasing the truck but crunching shots as lots of wooden furniture is eaten.

#122 On Clean-Up Pt 2
We rocked up to this pile and I thought it'd make a good video after checking it out. This belongs to "The Brickwords" apartment complex in Brookvale under clean-up zone 9. Not as much as there could've been with all the units in there, but still a good set-out. Got a picture of the truck and pile at the start for an intro. Unfortunately, the camera battery wasn't fully charged so I only got the first chunk being thrown in the back.

Watts Waste E-Z Pack
This is an old classic I got to drive sometimes in the past when I was at Watts fulltime. This Freightliner is a 1995 model and was the spare rear loader in one of the former Mosman contracts, so it wasn’t worked constantly, making it last quite a while until it was recently taken off the road. Since working in Mosman it has been the commercial bottles truck (as seen in earlier videos), then used as a spare again and at the end it was used for certain retirement village contracts. Even though this wasn’t the most comfortable truck to drive, it was pretty damn reliable and the engine had balls. Cummins and Allison gearbox combined, it would bullet forward with that distinct roar of power. The old E-Z Pack aka JP6 body was pretty good too, particularly cool with one of the earlier packer designs. I used it a few times while a certain driver was on holidays and rarely when my old paper truck was off the road. One thing which was annoying was the sudden and loud release of air to engage the park brake; made it very hard to be quiet! Also no winch for the steel bins :/ I put this long video together a while back while doing some local jobs on the north shore and northern beaches, some in the daytime and some in the early hours. It includes plenty of bin-lifting and packing throughout, along with some driving shots, with a good uphill climb to conclude the video. Note I took this footage on multiple occasions, so you may notice the growling Exhaust leak is not in all the clips. This was a neat truck to experience, but don’t know if I could go back to it. Hope you enjoy the action of an oldie, it’s worth a watch.

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