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Hurstville Clean-Up Pt 2

Another series of piles getting fed to this old truck, with a nice variety of objects and materials thrown in...


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Hurstville Clean-Up Pt 1
During my last visit to the council I did a quick run for a couple of kilometres from the Tuesday service area to the clean-up zone to catch this truck. I only had to run through a few streets, where I came to be standing on the main road and caught the flashing beacon of this rig in the distance. I was hoping to bump into the really old Formula 5000 that they used to have on clean-up, but a few days earlier found out it had been moved down to Canberra, which totally sucked! Instead I got to video this JP5 collecting all the un-wanted junk that had been tossed out onto the kerb. There wasn't as much material out compared to what I expected, but there were still a few nice piles put out for collection - the one in this video was a MUST to get on video... where does one household keep all this garbage?! Anyway hope you enjoy the clean-up videos I took, please rate and comment, and I would like to give a cheers to these two cool garbos. If you haven't already, check out the videos of the garbage, recycling, greens and units... Body Make: MacDonald Johnston Model: 19m JP5 Chassis: International Acco Council: Hurstville City Contractor: Cleanaway (Transpacific Industries) Collection Type: Clean-Up / Bulk-Waste

Maisüberladen auf LKWs mit mobilem Transportband
Lohnunternehmen Bromag bei der Verladung von Maissilage mit Transportband auf LKWs.

Three heils
They are smashing it! What are the odds of finding three heils in one street! Best video i have made in long time. Thanks heaps to the crew and driver! This is a sub contractor to TPI for Hornsby collections.

Bulk Trash Collection - Wayne Phoenix Rear Loader
Picking up bulk trash in Gilbert Arizona with a 25YD WAYNE Phoenix Rear Loader. Gilbert uses an articulated loader to fill the rear load hopper.

100th video special: DSNY
For my 100th video, and 4-year channel anniversary,I wanted to give you guys somehing a little more special. This is footage of one of the thousands of DSNY Heil 5000s, working in East Manhattan operated by a very freindly crew. As far as I know, this is the only DSNY truck filmed in action by a garbage truck-dedicated Youtuber. I would've gotten a LOT more video if I had the chance, but I got a really bad flu and could barely walk to the bathroom. Oh well. Anyways, expect a lot more East Coast video from me, and please comment whatever goes through your head while you watch. Enjoy!

Trinity Waste Services International 4900 McNeilus Rear Loader
So yesterday I went to Euless and found this truck which I knew about but was still surprised to see in person especially since I thought I would never see one ever again! This is an Allied Waste truck that still has the old Laidlaw color scheme which after bought by Allied the name then became Trinity. Although the Fort Worth division has newer Republic rear loaders, the driver says that the company is going to keep these trucks and their colors for years to come!

Parramatta City cleanup, truck RL00052 and crew
Parramatta City cleanup, truck RL00052 and crew in Dundas area. Shaky when Ronnie is chasing the truck but crunching shots as lots of wooden furniture is eaten.

MSS Winter Footage: The Yardwaste
Here is part one of my Winter Footage! All of the videos are shot after the 'Holidays' and before the Spring, so the title fits nicely. The first truck you will see is the brand new yard waste truck 11. I'm guessing it has been in service for a few months. This is every other week service; so if you film on YW week, there will be a lot of bins out. The second truck here is Truck 65. This one is a bit older. It was raining too. Anyway, I'm hoping for a lot of views, comments, and ratings on this series. Thanks guys!

The Hills Bulk Waste Pt 2
Really gets full in this video...

Parker Farms Wheat Harvest 2011

Pak-Mor Rear Loader Destroys Couches and Bed Sets - 1/18/2010
An old clip of two bed sets and two couches being crushed. Filming date: January 18th, 2010 Filming location: Newport Beach, CA Camera used: Sony DCR-SX40 © 2010 Sanitation94 Videos

trash truck eating bicycle
Hey RL fan want a bike? lol

Manly Residential Pt 2 (truck #635)
Here is one of the 3 older Manly residential trucks, being #635, servicing heaps of bins from the many units in a central Manly street. If you haven't already, be sure to take a look at truck #640 working earlier in the morning...

August 16, 2010 ごみ収集車① 1/2
ほぼ一年ぶりの撮影となる箕面市のRP-484です。関係ない ですけど夏場だけあってセミがやかましいですね(汗

City of Ryde - Their Speedy GenV
How time flies... to think the first time I was in Ryde was over two years ago before posting this footage! After about a year of saying I will get back there again, I finally managed to make another trip (well actually another three trips) to Ryde for the clean-up, the new GenV running around the council and of course the MJ Recyclers doing garbage, and this time, the green-waste. Though, of course as we all know, things don't come easy. So in my situation, I inevitably had to make THREE individual visits in one week... on a Tuesday, a Wednesday and a Thursday. Sometimes I'm still too confident and think I'll always be able to get everything I want in a day, but sometimes forget that is a very rare situation - well for me anyway. On Tuesday, I only managed to get one of the side loaders collecting the garbage and wasted about 30mins + a lot of energy trying to find the other three trucks. On Wednesday I had a little more luck; I got the new GenV collecting garbage and managed to find another side loader collecting the green-waste, after a good 25mins of riding through neighbourhoods to find a bin that didn't have its green lid flipped! Then Thursday... it was great when I finally caught the clean-up truck. I would not have known about the truck we see in this video if it wasn't for our local Ryde resident, garbo23, who posted a video of this truck a while back. After seeing how awesome this truck looked, I just had to get it on film one day! With thanks to the words of the green-waste driver I found on that windy Wednesday, I hunted this truck down and caught it in no time! I haven't got much else to say, except that this side loader's arm bloody flies, then a thanks to the awesome and skilled driver who also starred in my Strathfield Greens video. Hope you enjoy, please rate and please comment. Make sure you visit my other Ryde videos to see more truly awesome trucks... Body Make: MacDonald Johnston Model: 22m MkV SPORT : Standard Refuse Body Chassis: Iveco Acco Council: City of Ryde Contractor: WSN Environmental Solutions Collection Type: Garbage / Trash

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