My Lifted Isuzu (lifted and has subs)

comment pleas my cheap lifted isuzu rodeo with cold airfilter lots of fun and a little dirty

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Nz Offroader: 2" Body Lift Install-
This week we have a video giving you a run down of how to install a body lift into a Toyota Hilux Surf. We cover most of the do's and don'ts and give you a insight into how its all done. Whilst this is only on the surf, the same principles apply to any truck and should be a guide for any model in general. Feel free to check us out on facebook at

Isuzu Rodeo Mud Bogger
Waldys Off Road' Rodeo!! Engine Toyota 3.4 TRD Supercharger!

Isuzu History
Isuzu History

My Truck Update Body lift (SUBS lifted black rims)
ok so i just have installed my 2.5in body lift and i wanted to show the engine and cold air intake Exhaust and everything tell me what u think tips and whatnot ask me a question please