Buick Apollo ZZ502

Buick Apollo zz 502, Marjamaki racing Lempaala

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Buick Apollo
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1971 camaro zz502
1971 Camaro RS, ZZ502 @ 502 HP and 567FT of torque, 4 speed Muncie super case built by Garage Motor Sports, Rear end rebuilt with Richmond bearing, seals, gears by garage Motor Sports, all new glass and paint by Outstanding Autobody and paint, major body work, deleting of lights, no rust, all parts installed from ground up by me. the only thing I did do was Final paint. I did seal, and lay down three coats of high build primer before my divorce. 4 wheel disc, new Booster and all brakes.....every single nut and bolt, all new suspension, the only parts that are not new and I'm serious are the sub frame, doors, main body minus the rear tail light panel....everything is all new. still working on interior tho.

Buick Apollo ZZ502
Buick Apollo zz502 Marjamaki racing Lempaala

1974 Buick Apollo GSX
1974 Buick Apollo GSX 455 --Originally 6 cyl automatic 10-bolt. Now 1970 455 Stage 1, Edelbrock b4b, John Osbourne Q-Jet, Forged Pistons, Custom Exhaust, MSD, turbo 400 switch-pitch transmission 1200-2800 stall, Frame tied, Ford 9", 3.50 Posi. Conversion performed by Tri-Shield Performance in 2004 at 51,000 original miles. Now has 59,000+. Vinyl top, chrome, stainless, and most of the interior is original. Repainted once in original color and had GSX decal package reproduced from the originals prior to stripping the car. Its been a good dependable cruiser.