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BMW E21 320i Fruit of the Loom Group 5 racecar in action

German driver Rüdiger Julius Bernhart in his legendary M12 powered Group 5 320 race car at the Hauenstein bergrennen in Germany, 2004. Original Group 5 car, ex- Markus Höttinger, Bj. 79. Make sure to watch the Zandvoort video of the same car too! Brought to you by bmwe21.net


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Autóversenyzők - Cserkuti József /BMW 320 e21/
Az autóversenyzők c. dokumentumfilm Cserkuti József-ről szóló része az osztrák hegyi EB-ről. "Koncentráltam erősen arra, hogy ne vegyem vissza a gázt... és mégis visszavettem a gázt... " teljes film: http://files.video.racing.hu/big/autoversenyzok_video.racing.hu.avi

BMW 320/5 - Julien Rogers - 42. Osnabrücker Bergrennen 2009
42. Osnabrücker Bergrennen 2009 - BMW 320/5 - Julien Rogers

10 Wheelstands with absolutely BRUTAL landings. Which do you think did the most damage?

BMW special @ Swiss Hillclimb 2012, BMW M3 E30, 320 Gruppe 5, 320 E21, 325 E30, 318 320is
Tribute to our BMW drivers at Swiss Hillclimb 2012 which was present on at least one of the following Events: Slalom Frauenfeld Slalom Saanen Slalom Interlaken Slalom Chamblon Hillclimb Reitnau Hillclimb Ayent - Anzère Hillclimb St-Ursanne - Les Rangiers Hillclimb Oberhallau Hillclimb Massongex Hillclimb Gurnigel Hilllclimb Châtel-St-Denis - Les Paccots Hillclimb Hemberg 0:01 Jean Paul Chiquita, BMW 318is, 5.0 1:44 Albert Dobler, BMW M3 E30 DTM, 2.5 2:31 Armin Buschor, BMW 320 Gr.5, 2.0 3:06 Fabrizio Ceresa, BMW M3 E30 DTM, 2.5 3:51 Patrick Orth, BMW 320 is E30 DTM, 2.0 4:42 Urs Zürcher, BMW 320i, 2.0 5:02 Bertrand Favre, BMW E30, 2.7 5:50 Richard Petter, BMW M3 E30, 2.5 6:10 Jürg Beiner, BMW M3 GTR 6:40 Frédéric Neff, BMW E36, 3.2 7:30 René Nüesch, BMW 320i, 3.0 7:58 Michael Neuhauser, BMW M3 E30, 2.3 8:33 Thomas Neuhauser, BMW M3 E30, 2.3 8:47 Manuel Santonastaso, BMW 2002 TI, 2.0 9:03 Corinne Candaux, BMW 325 Compact, 3.2 9:53 Jean-Louis Fleury, BMW 323 E21, 2.5 10:03 Yohan Waridel, BMW 325, 2.3 10:48 Albin Mächler, BMW 135 M-Coupé 11:43 Marcel Finger, BMW M3 E36, 3.0, 1175kg, 280hp, 0-100km/h in 5.0s, VMax 230km/h 12:36 Roger Moser, BMW 320 E21 Gr.2, 2.0 12:53 Ulrich Schlegel, BMW M3, 3.0 13:13 Pierre Bolle, BMW 318, 2.5 13:53 Florent Mariaux, BMW 325 E30, 2.8 14:41 Sebastien Joray, BMW M3 E36, 3.0 15:18 Lionel Bellon, BMW M3 E36, 3.0 15:34 René Bürki, BMW 325 E30 2.5 16:12 Harald Ludwig, BMW M3 E36, 3.2 16:21 Sebastian Schoch, BMW 2002 Gr.2, 2.0 16:32 Sébastien Coquoz, BMW 325, 2.5 16:53 Thomas Huwiler, BMW 325 E30, 2.5 17:28 Thomas Huwiler, BMW 318 E30 HRT, 1.8 17:48 Andreas Spring, BMW 318IS E36, 1.8 18:04 Yann Pillonel, BMW 325, 2.5 18:13 Cédric Pilatti, BMW 325 E30, 2.5 18:23 Denise Huwiler, BMW 318 E30 HRT, 1.8 18:30 Pascal Tornare, BMW 325i, 2.5 18:40 Christian Robert, BMW 318 E30, 1.8 18:47 Michael Pillet, BMW 325, 2.5

15x BMW's M1 vs E30 M3, 3.0 csl, 635, e21 group 5 and many more (Oldtimer GP 2013)
event: Oldtimer GP http://www.avd.de/ogpracing/home.html race-series: BMW rennen (BMW Race) location: Nürburgring, Germany date: 10th and 11th august 2013 Race 1 results: 1st Christian Traber - BMW E26 M1 Procar #60 2nd Johnny Cecotto - BMW E30 M3 #10 3rd Hans Wagner - BMW E26 M1 turbo Schnitzer #52 Race 2 results: 1st Hans Wagner - BMW E26 M1 turbo Schnitzer #52 2nd Michael Kammermann - BMW E26 M1 turbo Schnitzer #66 3rd Christian Traber - BMW E26 M1 Procar #60 List of participating cars: ----------------------------------- BMW 2002 Ti (3x) BMW E9 2800 CS Schnitzer (1x) BMW E9 3.0 CSL Alpina (1x) BMW E9 3.5 CSL (1x) BMW E21 320i Group 5 (2x) BMW E24 635 CSI (2x) BMW E26 M1 Procar (15x) BMW E26 M1 turbo Schnitzer (1x) BMW E30 M3 (3x) BMW E30 M3 Gruppe A (1x) Filmed with 2 different camera's: Canon Legria HF M46 Canon EOS 7D My pictures http://belgian-motorsport.com My Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Belgian.Motorsport

BMW E21 323i and E30 M3 in French rally action
Here's a compilation of rally scenes of the first 3-series E21 and E30 doing great sideways rally action. Filmed in France from 1993-2004. Brought to you by bmwe21.net

BMW E21 320i Group 2 Touring Car - Qualifying - Hallett Motor Racing Circuit
Ryan Snider, No. 5 BMW 320i ETCC Gr.2 6 Lap Qualifying Race COMMA Challenge Round 2 Hallett Motor Racing Circuit Missed the timed qualifying session, so I had to start from last place. Finished first in class (GT-2), 7th overall. Massive loss of power on lap 5 (cut the video at that point), but managed to just stay ahead of the competition. Forgot to start the camera for the feature race. Heavy rain started on lap 1. Stayed out on full slicks. Started 7th overall, finished 3rd overall and first in class.

BMW CSL Race Car startup!
I film a fantastic CSL Race Car at Road Atlanta during the 2009 Petit Le Mans Racing Weekend. It starts up and idles, leaving a great sound!

BMW M3 E30 official BMW technical training video - BMW Kundendienst
Unique original BMW factory training video introducing the first generation M3 with S14 engine. General introduction, technical details and maintenance instructions, all dedicated to BMW's own mechanics. From BMW Germany, German narrated. Brought to you by www.bmwe21.net

BMW 3 Series vs BMW 4 Series - Which Should You Buy?
www.Cars.co.za - BMW make a fantastic coupe called the 4 Series. We drove the range-topping 435i las year (see our channel for that vid) and we were hugely impressed. But there was always the rumour that BMW would give the 4 Series the same treatment as the 6 Series, and launch a 4-door version, dubbed the Gran Coupe. And there was always the possibility that this would end up being a terrible idea. But it wasn't, and the 4 Series Gran Coupe is very good in almost every way. However, BMW already has a very successful sedan – the 3 Series. It has been the sector-defining car for as long as anyone can remember, and the latest generation is a solid example of what BMW can offer. And so you, the buyer, are now faced with a difficult decision: should you plump up and spend the extra cash on a 4-door 4 Series, or is the 3 Series more than enough? We’ve tried to answer that question in our latest video, lining up the 328i against the 428i Gran Coupe. Comparison tables available at http://www.cars.co.za/motoring_news/bmw-3-series-vs-4-series-which-should-y ou-buy-video/32301/

Histo-Cup Austria - BMW CSL - DRM Gr. 5 BMW 320 - Porsche 908 - VW Käfer - 2002 ti
Check my channel for Car Sounds as MP3. Lauf zum Histo Cup in Hockenheim 2005 http://www.histo-cup.at/

BMW E21 3-series introduction official 1975 video
The video introducing the very first BMW 3-series, codenamed E21, in 1975. Brought to you by bmwe21.net


BMW E21 - Gear98
Rafa nos cuenta la historia de su BMW E21 y como es, si quieres la tuya, escríbenos a gear98staff@gmail.com o a nuestro fb! https://www.facebook.com/gear98

Autómánia - BMW 318i (E21) - 2012.11.17.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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