BUELL 1125 CR Teckelgun TTG exhaust

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Buell 1125 HPE Sound 001
Buell 1125 mit HPE-Auspuffanlage (mit ABE und eingebauten DB-Killern )

Just installed the new KEDA RT(Rolling Thunder)3 Exhaust system. I also installed a new EBR race ECU that is mapped for this Exhaust. Sounds great!!!!! It was a really easy install but I couldn't find the ECU until I checked the service manual, it's under the left side radiator cowl. I also reset the tps, that's super easy also.

1125CR Buell Loudest Motorcycle Exhaust Ever
a walk around and start up of the 1125CR Buell

Termignoni open racing exhaust BU06094TO Buell 1125 R without dB-killer 102 dB.
Slowly riding away with Termignoni open racing Exhaust BU06094TO Buell 1125 R without dB-killer 102 dB. It makes with dB killer 94 dB. Termignoni BU06094TO is an Inox/Titanium version. Also Available soon BU08 for Buell 1125 R an complete race system from Termignoni! Available by Verheul Leathers & Motorcycle Gear, www.verheul.nu