How to Build an Engine/Alternator Generator 2/2 Putting it Together

Turns out everything was working perfectly. ...the volt meter's batteries were low, and gave some eroneous readings. :-P I put it together. There ya go! Yyyyep! Great for impressing girls. Oh, and... happy birthday danny sheehan, from carter and chris :-)

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Jaimie Whips out his Lumber Mill Mmmmm.... Wood
This is my home made piece of junk that makes gorgeous boards. :-) Its only 2hp so it goes kinda slow, but... it gets there. I usually have it set up with a little counterweight pulling it through, but didn't set it up yet. Oh... and I'm cutting a really hard piece of ash here. Hemlock, and Pine are WAY easier to cut.

Dangerous! Never do this! Smelting Aluminium without fancy equipment
Seriously, don't ever do this because I don't want to hear about someone burning their fingers off because they did what i did. I use fire a lot, know what I'm doing, and am aware of, and accept the risks. So... I'm starting to think that I may have to build a big robot in the future that is made completely out of melted aluminium. Even better would be to use a giant parabolic dish to melt said aluminium. :-) Mmmm... sun.

Hydropower Part: 2 Water and Mud

Jaimie Wrestles a Generator ...and looks for a 4wd Samurai, Sidekick, Tracker...?
Pretty much what the titel says.