How to Build an Engine/Alternator Generator 2/2 Putting it Together

Turns out everything was working perfectly. ...the volt meter's batteries were low, and gave some eroneous readings. :-P I put it together. There ya go! Yyyyep! Great for impressing girls. Oh, and... happy birthday danny sheehan, from carter and chris :-)

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Generator 230 volts AC dragged by a dynamo of 24 volts DC. This is an experimental model to demonstrate the transformation of chemical energy to mechanical power and then into light and heat energy, without neglecting noise and friction of the mechanical elements, lacks only the electric charging of the battery. Despite everything, this system has no value the purposes of production of electrical energy, it is only for vision and curiosity..

How To Make A Generator That Runs On Coca-cola! (Experiment!)
It Runs on Coca-cola!!! Chemical Reactions- Aluminum + water 2Al + 6H2O = 2Al(OH)3 + 3H2 Aluminum + water + Sodium Hydroxide 2Al + 2NaOH + 6H2O = 2NaAl(OH)4 + 3H2 (Experimental Fun) Aluminum naturally reacts with water but it quickly forms an aluminum oxide on the aluminum surface and that protects it from the water. I used sodium hydroxide to clean off the aluminum oxide from the cans so that it could react with the water that is inside coca-cola, when this happens it releases large volumes of hydrogen gas. The reaction gets hot and can produce lots of steam and chemical vapors, I ran the gas through a long pipe first to act as a condenser to help eliminate the steam and then through a water bubbler and carbon filter so it would clean out any remaining steam and and chemical vapors, the hydrogen then runs into the engine intake and is used as the fuel to run the Engine. If you liked this video then don't forget to subscribe, more awesome experiments to come! Thanks For Watching

Uniquest Free Energy Generator | 100% Free Energy | The Most Satisfying Video..
Camera use :-) friends this is a fake video to show how peoples make free energy generator at home and upload on youtube friends this this fake videos.. Music Provided By -:) TheFatRat - Time Lapse -- Double Shaft Motor -:) Led Light-:) CardBord -:) Hello Friends Today I Am Showing You How To Make Self Running Free Energy Generator... स्वयं चलने वाली नि: शुल्क ऊर्जा जेनरेटर कैसे करें ... 如何使自行运行的自由能发电机... Comment faire pour générer un générateur d'énergie gratuit ... Wie man selbst laufenden freien Energiegenerator macht ... 自由エネルギー発電機を稼働させる方法

WOW! How to Make a Generator || At Home with cardboard & Pepsi Tin || Mini Generator || 9v battery
Google+ Music: Geoxor - You & I [NCS Release] This video show you amazing Dc power Generator from Cardboard, Pepsi Tin, Battery, and DC Motors. This is an Amazing Generator like a real. I hope you everyone like this Super Hummer and have fun with it. Thank for watching!! For More Interesting update Please Subscribe My Channel