1972 ford maverick burnout

yeah baby!!

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Maverick Burnout

Maverick Fritando (Burnout)
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My '72 Maverick
My daily driver. Car has '75 Mercury Bobcat tail lights. Single out header from Mustang's Unlimited, which Y's off into dual glass packs under the back seat and then the pipes go over the rear axle and stop at the rear valance. I had been running a '74 model 250 in the car for the past two years (I originally bought the car with no engine in it), but recently swapped in a very low mileage '71 200. Car has a Carter RBS carb, Duraspark II distributor which I have the mechanical and vaccum advanced highly fine tuned on, and MSD 6AL ignition with Blaster II TFI coil, platinum plugs gapped at .053, and heavy spark plug wires. Gets about 21 mpg city and 25 highway.