Hiriko folding electric car - full demo

More infos: http://www.technologicvehicles.com/en/actualite-mobilite-verte?Search=hiriko

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Hiriko and Deutsche Bahn team up (in German)
More infos: http://www.technologicvehicles.com/en/actualite-mobilite-verte?Search=Hirik o

Hiriko CityCar
Es klingt japanisch. Es ist baskisch. Es heißt „für die Stadt" und wurde auf dem Brüsseler Auto Salon vorgestellt. Der von 2,50 auf 1,50 Meter faltbare e-Stadtflitzer wurde mit dem MIT (Massachusetts Institute for Technology) und dem baskischen Innovationscenter Denokinn entwickelt. Das beste: Für 12.500 Euro kommt er 2013 auf den Markt.

Two Amazing Fold-up Electric Cars-Easily Find A Parking Lot
Can't find a parking lot for your car? Why not consider these fold-up cars? Casple-Podadera in the video is still under developed. Hiriko priced at about $16,000. By the way, welcome to visit our car accessories page http://www.uumart.com/electronics-car-accessories-c-119/

Kenguru Wheelchair-Accessible EV | Translogic
Watch Next Ep. Here: http://goo.gl/T9YPk3 One major issue facing transportation is accessibility, especially for those in wheelchairs. From public to personal transit, a wheelchair presents unique mobility challenges. Sure, it's possible to outfit existing vehicles for wheelchair accessibility, but the process is expensive and doesn't always yield a complete, integrated solution. That's where Kenguru changes things. The Kenguru is an electric vehicle with no seats, that allows drivers to control the car from their wheelchair. We went to Pflugerville, Texas to try it out. Subscribe For New TRANSLOGIC Videos: http://bit.ly/YPxiSb About 'TRANSLOGIC': Navigating the latest in transportation technology, TRANSLOGIC explores where mass transit, concept cars, electric vehicles and new transportation converge.  Get more TRANSLOGIC Read: http://translogic.aolautos.com/ Like: https://www.facebook.com/aoltranslogic Follow: https://twitter.com/aoltranslogic