Nissan GTR vs Lotus Exige S1

--- --- Suivez mon blog !!! On this video I use CMS Laptimer, a free iPhone app, in my opinion the best free one. But now I use Harry's Lap Timer Pro. It has a cost, but much more powerful. One of the early sessions in Montmélo, on the 31st October 2011. We were still discovering the track, hence pretty slow laps on this video. Having fun with a mighty Nissan GTR of unknown specs I have to say. But boy, it goes... The acceleration is massive. My healthy Duratec Exige S1, cannot fight in the straight. I topped 235 (around) on the speedo, where the GTR was over 260 !!! The car was really impressive and could turn as well, surprisingly well. I was able to get back though. Real trouble on that day for the GTR was heat, with tires and gearbox heating up too fast, from what I understood. My Exige stood up pretty well, so I am happy. Circuit de Catalunya is the fastest track I ever drove on, even a little faster in the straight than SPA !

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A fast lap at the Ring with my Exige and a dangerous Nissan GT-R driver !
Special Note : My brakes are working perfectly thank you ! The setup is just very agressive with AP Racing discs and CL RC6 sintered metal brake pads. There is no better setup for the track except ultra costly carbon/carbon or carbon/ceramic brakes. It may be "a little bit noisy" but I don't care, I'm not here for cruising :-D Camera is a Garmin Virb Ultra 30. Gauges data comes from the cam sensors. Lap timing App on the iPhone is Harry's Laptimer + an external 10 Hz GPS (Dual XGPS160). I had the chance to do a quick lap on an almost empty Nordschleife with my Lotus Exige S2 (NA engine). But a dumb Nissan GT-R driver doing stupid things with is car ruined my lap. He finally almost crashed... twice ! At Hatzenbach and Adenauer Forst !

Lotus Exige vs crazy BMW M3
All about the Lotus on Some play time on the Dijon track in France, Lotus Exige S1 vs BMW M3 E36 race car.

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Lotus Exige S1 Honda K20 Swap ITB
Lotus Exige S1 con Honda K20A2 Swap, motore rinforzato con pistoni e bielle, lavorazione testata, corpi farfallati di aspirazione ITB eseguito da Garage Calde' Sas. Ecu Tuned By ConteCtr Follow Us on Facebook: Garage Calde' SAS