Oil Pumps That Wreck Race Engines

Oil pumps with a big problem for competition engines.

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Oil Pump Screen Installation - Melling Engine Parts
George Richmond of Melling Engine Parts demonstrates the correct procedure for installing a press in oil pump screen into the oil pump. http://www.summitracing.com/redirect?banner=SocialYT813

Hotrodding the SBC Part 5 Oil Pump

Oil Pan Science
A look at a performance oil pan.

How to install oil pump pickup tube big or small block chevy
How to install an oil pump pickup tube that is a press fit into a small block chevy or a big block chevy oil pump. We used red locktite on the shaft and spot welded it to the oil pump body (the pump was removed to spot weld to prevent slag in the engine) make sure to torque the pump to spec when it is reinstalled for final assembly.