How To Spray Your Bicycle Rims

How To spray rims with spray paint feat Scott Ganatra

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How to spray paint fixie wheels with Alvin and Gilbert
How to spray paint fixie/bmx/wheels with Alvin and Gilbert! Demonstration project made for english class, enjoy. *No copyright infringement intended, all music used in this video belong to its rightful owners*

Part 1 Painting bmx parts and rims
Part 1 getting frame ready as well as rims took all the parts apart and will be ready for part 2 tomorrow!

Pre-War Ladies Humber bike-restore part.3 of 4
Heres part 3 of of the restoration on a ladies humber standard bike, watch it been sandblasted and primed, Also in this video you'll see where I cleaned off the rust from the spoon brakes and the 1" old Block chain. part. 3 of 4

How To: Neon Bike Rims Using Duck Tape
Colored rims with no hassle or paint! Do it yourself with just one roll of duck tape! Post a tutorial request below and subscribe for more! Make your bike look cool for cheap! Note: Only works with disk brakes