How To Spray Your Bicycle Rims

How To spray rims with spray paint feat Scott Ganatra

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How to spray paint fixie wheels with Alvin and Gilbert
How to spray paint fixie/bmx/wheels with Alvin and Gilbert! Demonstration project made for english class, enjoy. *No copyright infringement intended, all music used in this video belong to its rightful owners*

Airbrushing vinyl with Copic Markers
I was experimenting with my Copic Marker Airbrush System and came up with this cool little technique. This video was filmed in our sign shop.

How to paint bicycle rims (an easier way)
After building bikes for over 5 years I finally found an easier way to paint bicycle rims.There may be a video out there like mine ,but I don't know about it Not everybody will like to paint their rims, because of their individual taste . But because I do period builds (Steampunk/Victorian ) ,it's just natural to me to do so . At lastly , a lot of bicycle manufactures factory paint their rims to fit their models design For me I find I get an even coat and a lot less over-spray. and the bottom line's quicker :-) I also live to thank all of you who viewed and liked my video and hope that it helps all of you a less labor intensive job Update: those who gave this a thumbs down ,Go to Walmart and see how many bicycles have factory painted rims

Part 1 Painting bmx parts and rims
Part 1 getting frame ready as well as rims took all the parts apart and will be ready for part 2 tomorrow!