How To Spray Your Bicycle Rims

How To spray rims with spray paint feat Scott Ganatra

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How to spray paint fixie wheels with Alvin and Gilbert
How to spray paint fixie/bmx/wheels with Alvin and Gilbert! Demonstration project made for english class, enjoy. *No copyright infringement intended, all music used in this video belong to its rightful owners*

How to paint bicycle rims (an easier way)
After building bikes for over 5 years I finally found an easier way to paint bicycle rims.There may be a video out there like mine ,but I don't know about it Not everybody will like to paint their rims, because of their individual taste . But because I do period builds (Steampunk/Victorian ) ,it's just natural to me to do so . At lastly , a lot of bicycle manufactures factory paint their rims to fit their models design For me I find I get an even coat and a lot less over-spray. and the bottom line's quicker :-) I also live to thank all of you who viewed and liked my video and hope that it helps all of you a less labor intensive job Update: those 59 who gave this a thumbs down ,Go to Walmart and see how many bicycles have factory painted rims

DIY Bike Re-Painting(Read Description)
(First. Sorry for the Music Cut in the middle. I had better music but it was copyrighted.)How to Respray a bike. This one was very dirty and scratched. I decided to paint it up before I sold it, because I had: 1. Alot of spray paint, 2. All the supplies to do the painting and alot of spare time. I wanted to get a little bit more money for it instead of selling it as is so this is what I did.

Painting a bicycle, custom graphics
A quick visual step by step of the process...creating custom designed graphics and bringing them to reality on your bicycle