Neon SRT4 and Ford Probe Novice Racing

Walk on fun novice racing with my brother in his Neon srt4 and my friend and I's stripped Ford Probe GT. Sweet track, too bad it was rainy after a couple laps

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AutoCross - Run Group [A] - Ford Probe GT
Welcome to the wonderful world of AutoCross. I hope you enjoy this video in tribute to all the people that contribute to this wonderful sport. To catch more AutoCross action and to see all the other cool events that are held by the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) head on over to [] and to see the next upcoming AutoCross event head on over to []. Hope to see you at the next race! Enjoy.

probe racing
A bit of racing, 1st gen ford probe vs 2nd gen ford probe

Ford Probe at Beaver Run in PA
From a few years ago but I like it

The guys pretty cars
Pontiac Trans Am ws6, G6 GT, and a Chevrolet Cobalt SS. They look hot when you wash them