Oakey Sprints 2009 - Holden Gemini TG Turbo

48 Second run

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Finding a Holden Gemini ZZZ
So i just picked up a Rusty 1983 Gemini ZZ/Z , 1 of 3 in Perth .

PCM 2014 Turbo Gemini
Xaviers 1978 turbo 1.6L (G161) Holden Gemini at Winton Performance car mania 2014

Oakey sprints in the Racing Evolution RX7
A run around the Oakey sprint course in the Racing Evolution V8 RX7

GEM LUV - (holden) gemini music video
The filmmaking master piece about the classic small car everybody hates to love -the holden gemini!! Written, produced & directed by Jesse Galofaro.