Oakey Sprints 2009 - Holden Gemini TG Turbo

48 Second run

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Finding a Holden Gemini ZZZ
So i just picked up a Rusty 1983 Gemini ZZ/Z , 1 of 3 in Perth .

PCM 2014 Turbo Gemini
Xaviers 1978 turbo 1.6L (G161) Holden Gemini at Winton Performance car mania 2014

GEM LUV - (holden) gemini music video
The filmmaking master piece about the classic small car everybody hates to love -the holden gemini!! Written, produced & directed by Jesse Galofaro.

tg gemini before/after
this is my tg gemini from when i first got it, till today, its unfinished still needs a roll cage, fuel pump and shitload of other things, so far its got a ct20 turbo on custom manifold, weber 32/36 carby setup for turbo, malpallsi regulator, front mount Intercooler, welded stock diff, 15 inch gold interceptors with vy hubcaps, whole car painted matte black, bucket seats, stripped interior, the list goes on and on :D enjoy