Oakey Sprints 2009 - Holden Gemini TG Turbo

48 Second run

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Oakey sprints in the Racing Evolution RX7
A run around the Oakey sprint course in the Racing Evolution V8 RX7

DVLWRC Turbo Gemini.

GemsWA Turbo Geminis 1/4 mile
WhoopAss Wednesday 16/12/09 .. Some of the GEMSWA members hit the Strip for some Fun in there turbo 4 Cylinder Gemini's *Sedan G200z turbo *Coupe & Wagon 4ZC1 turbo

1977 TC Holden Isuzu Gemini Coupe
My 2L EFI turbo Coupe makes 180-200 HP at the wheels , regularly raced on small tracks and street driven daily . 13.2sec 1/4 mile at the local drag strip. Still a very mild Isuzu G200z SOHC engine with cast flat-top pistons and a small Piazza turbocharger.