Running from cops and hitting speed bumps


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Running from the cops at the drag race
We were racing when the cops showed up, I recorded the run away from the cops. We have a guy who outruns them in reverse in a Honda at the beginning, then a crash at the end.

Two Evo's have a run in with the Cops
This was a few years back but I finally managed to find the video again. We were on our way to an import event (which is absolutely terrible) when we won the get out of jail free game. I love haters so please comment. :)

Midnight Run w/ STi, WRX, 500, CR-Z + Police!
Well, since I'm selling my STi, I figured I'd give her one last video before the new car rolls on through. This was just a little fun run we have every now and then, not pushing it too hard since it's roads that I don't normally travel, since I don't go to Mexico much. The STi is a catless Stage II setup, the Fiat is stock except for an intake and suspension, the CR-Z has a buttload of suspension mods, and the WRX is stock at the time of shooting I believe. I hope y'all enjoy the video, and as for the police at the end, he just flashed his lights, realized there was too many of us, and let us go. Go go Mexico FDP!

Cops show up at races
How we do it in jersey