1st-3rd RSX Type-S

Just me trying out my camera for video quality, only mods are intake and RBC.

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Ktuner Rsx Type S Pulls
Another short video! Videos to improve this spring folks I promise. Definitely more in depth, some DIY' s, Q&A's and things of that nature. Diddy going to do maintenance when it warms up, slap an intake manifold on, and continue to sweep the streets with 200hp LOL! ALSO: I am looking for a cheap 3" mid pipe/b pipe to replace my current stock one if any of y'all have one for sale and are legit with pay pal. I say cheap because I can't justify buying a $400 ktuned oval mid pipe only to cut up lol. -Side note: In spring we looking for other dc5 chassis or other FULL body STOCK motor K cars that want to bump them off in the southeast! TN GA AL

I/e s2000 vs I/h/e/rbc rsx type-S
Ap1 vs 02 type S

Acura rsx type s 13.95 /100 mph
Blackworks header,rbc intake manifold ,cai injen, 2.5 custom Exhaust, 70 mm throttle body ,hondata kpro, stock internal,no lsd

K24 rsx type s vs 350z
Rsx type s mods Kpro Rbc DcRH Buddyclub pro spec full Exhaust Injen CAI with stack Is on a buddys tune we have kinda similar mods he made 212whp and 189tq 350z stock?