1st-3rd RSX Type-S

Just me trying out my camera for video quality, only mods are intake and RBC.

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Kpro rsx....i/rh/e/rbc....short shifting to show that K20 has enough power even without REDLINING :-)

rsx type S vs EM2
Rsx Type-S has Aem short ram inatke, RBC,Ingalls Engine Damper Em2 has CAI

*Update* 2002 Rsx Type s 1st - 3rd Full bolt on
My 02 rsx t ype , full bolt on, 3" Thermal R&D Exhaust, Aem SRI, PLM Race header, Rbc intake manifold with karcepts T / B spacer / adapter, kpro

F-BOM K24 RSX Type S Dynocom 263whp 202wtq
F-BOM's K24 RSX Type S on the Dyno. Mods: k20a2 head svm 212 cams rbc stock tb injen cai asp race header 3" Exhaust k24a1 block wiseco 87.5mm 12.5:1 pistons manley h-beam rods kpro tuned