1974 Honda CB 450

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Honda cb 450 n 1986 brat style
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Holiday cb 450 #2
http://holidaycustoms.blogspot.com/ After some tuning took it out for its first long ride, sun was out and the bike did great. It's going to make someone real happy.

Holiday Honda cb 450
http://holidaycustoms.blogspot.com/ Firing it up after a new bore , new pistons. Running a little weird in the video but runs perfect now after some jetting.

How to set ignition timing Honda CB350 CB360 CB450
http://www.common-motor.com/ This is step by step of how to properly set points and ignition timing on the Honda CB350, CB360, CB450 and CB500T family of motorcycles. Ignition timing must be set every 1500 miles (2400 km) for these old bikes to run in tip top shape. Our ignition rebuild kits have all the pieces needed to make the job easy. Ignition Rebuild kit CB350 / CB360 : https://www.common-motor.com/honda-ignition-rebuild Ignition Rebuild kit CB450 / CB500T : https://www.common-motor.com/honda-450-500-ignition-rebuild-kit Replacement Ignition coil :https://www.common-motor.com/honda-ignition-coil