1963 Ford Galaxie 427 Group N Historic Touring Car Chasing Falcon GTHO

Group N Historic Touring Cars at Eastern Creek in Nov 2011. Driver is Marc Ducquet who is chasing down Mick Kennedy in the red XW Falcon GTHO that is straight ahead on the starting grid. Race was eventually red flagged due to the amount of cars that had gone off the track and also a major crash at turn 2.

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First test drive 427 sideoiler mustang fb68
Första testkörningen med Mustangen fb68 427 sideolier tunnelport FOTO : © steff endofsummer.se

1982 SANDOWN Appendix J, Denis O'Brien's Ford Galaxie 427
One of my favourite races of all time, just loved watching Denis O'Brien aiming his Galaxie 427 around Sandown that day, holding off those Mustangs. Really a treat to watch! Kudos Dennis.. This is special. Thanks to Duncan for making it possible. http://blog.hemmings.com/wp-content/uploads//2011/09/1964Galaxie_04_700.jpg http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Appendix_J_Touring_Cars Appendix J Touring Cars was an Australian motor racing category for modified, production based sedans. It was the premier form of Touring car racing in Australia from 1960 to 1964. The category was introduced by the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport to take effect from January 1960. Prior to the introduction of Appendix J, there had been no national regulations for touring car racing in Australia with individual race promoters applying differing rules regarding eligibility and modification of the cars being raced.[1] Under Appendix J, eligibility was restricted to closed cars with seating for four persons and at least one hundred examples of the model had to have been produced.[2] Bodywork and interior trim had to remain virtually standard, however engines and suspensions could be modified to improve performance and handling. Modifications were permitted in the areas of carburettors, valves, pistons, camshafts, inlet systems, Exhaust systems, springs and shock absorbers.[3] Cars competed in numerous classes based on engine capacity with the regulations allowing an increase in capacity up to the limit of the relevant class.[2] Many highly modified cars which were no longer eligible to compete as Touring Cars found a home in another new CAMS category, Appendix K.[4] This was ostensibly for GT cars but in reality allowed virtually any form of closed vehicle to participate http://www.streetlegaltv.com/news/watch-as-a-galaxie-lightweight-dominates- an-england-road-course/

First start in 30 years 1966 Galaxie 428 4 speed
a beautiful 66 Galaxie 500 4 speed. dormant for 20 years under a tarp in a barn.