Jamie sr24ve

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Official DNA motoring video 2012
A Danny Alaniz Film DNA MOTORING " anything u can think of suspenions, strut bars, lower control arms, oil caps, radiators,hoses, belts and the list goes on and on . Go to DNAMOTORING.com Special thanks to Team Jerrybuilt Racing. Shout outs to Daniel @ Church"s Dyno

All Motor Nissan SR20VE 2.4L -SR24VE- 10.88 1/4 Mile (Pito Tuning)
Pito's SR24VE Nissan Sentra SE-R 10.88 @ 123.35 @ Salinas Speedway

Pito El Cenizo SR24VE All Motor B13 10.70 @ 124 MPH NEW PERSONAL RECORD
Very Impressive run by the Popular Pito SR24VE all Motor B13. No turbo No Nitrous , just Raw SR20 Power !!!! Car has come a long way.

Dragway 42 - SR24VE