Rich Muraoka´s 1936 Ford Coupe

Listen to the sound from an awesome -36 Coupe. Plesanton March -09

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Iron Fist - James Hetfield's 1936 Ford
Todd Westbrook captures footage of James Hefield's "Iron Fist" while attending the Good-Guys 30th All American Get-Together in Pleasanton, California. The car was built by Blue Collar Customs of Sacramento, California. The beautiful Clear paint job was laid down by Darryl Hollenbeck's Vintage Color Studio in Concord, California. This '36 is just an awesome kustom. No Paint! Just Clear! James wanted to show the talent behind the builder on this one, So it was only shot with a Clear Coat. ****UPDATE! - For all you Haters, Blue Collar Customs was given the title of "2016 Builder Of The Year" for the Sacramento Autorama. For the Clueless Trolls that do not know anything about Craftsmanship, here is something for you to read before you post a comment saying how bad this work is, or that it's fiberglass - here is the article from Hot Rod dot com. - on-first/ And a video with James Hetfield Talking about his car -

36 Ford Roadster Walkaround
34 35 36 1936

1936 Ford
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AccuAir e-Level System on Salinas Boys' 36 Ford
This highly customized 36 Ford was built by Cole Foster of Salinas Boys for Kirk Hammet (lead-guitarist for Metallica) and just got updated with the latest TouchPad e-Level Air Management package from AccuAir Suspension. Check out for more cool cars, videos and technical info.