700bhp monster Ford XR6 turbo

This video does no justice to the fact I got smashed into the seat every time he hit the gas. G's to make you swallow your teeth...

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XR6 Turbo with 585 RWHP

XR6 TURBO - Toxic BEAST 312
312.5 rw KW XR6 turbo... using 4" intake and other heavily armed goods. Song used is - Don Omar - Los Bandoleros

Dragging off a XR6 Turbo - cop car
JFYI I'm not the Person, Driver or owner of the car at the time. The automobile was on loan to me during the time this happened. I was charged with 6alleged offenses. i challenged them in a Admiralty court and even threatened to go to a higher court for compensation. They were basing their allegations on hearsay, which we know isn't admissible is a court of Admiralty commercial law. So they lied instead. I had alibi's to where I was at the time and was quite eager to fight them. This isn't my first time dancing an Act in front of a glorified Justice of the Peace, A Coram ruling with ministerial decisions and made an order via the court registrar's stamp (who actually is the highest power in a maggots court). I would like to know why - :one they obviously caught someone speeding but decided not to pull them up considering they stated "he's trapped at the lights" I guess they were hoping for more? :two why they were so interested in the footy lol :three on a more serious note - they made a u turn on a solid line putting other drivers at risk, should of pulled up the Hilux straight away and could of saved the dangerous chase - plus saving the cops from themselves ; fail to keep left centre dividing line (one of my charges btw). Anyhow - obvious to me the person driving wanted a drag race with the cops on video. So here it is. I'll give it to them....:)

BTA Motorsports 1000hp 'Monster' Ford F6 turbo
Just how far can you push the tried and proven Ford straight six? This is what we try to find out with our project "Monster" F6. The goal? A 1000hp engine in a street package. The result? 1300hp+ from the engine with 992.8hp at the rear wheels. For more info, check out the Project F6 build blog: Part 1 - http://www.btamotorsports.com.au/index.php/project-xr6-1000/ Part 2 - http://www.btamotorsports.com.au/index.php/project-xr6-1000-part-2/ Part 3 - http://www.btamotorsports.com.au/index.php/project-f6-1000-part-3-the-final -touches/ Music: Girl Talk - Can't Stop Wake - Steppin Go-qualia - Bate MIDI 4 Too A Buried Motif