F1 1986 vs F1 2011

Onboard with 2 formula one cars around monte-carlo, one from 1986 the other from 2011. This video will show you how much F1 cars have improved in the past 20 years...

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F1 Adelaide 1986 Patrick Tambay OnBoard

F1 vs GP2
F1 vs Gp2 at Monaco. Sebastian Vettle in the f1 car. Pastor Maldonado in the gp2 car.

F1 1985 French GP Keke Rosberg vs Alain Prost
Nico Rosberg war bei seiner Geburt bereits vier Kilo schwer und Jackie Stewart hat keine Leitung.

Senna vs Prost - 1988 French Grand Prix
Senna and Prost battle for the lead at Paul Ricard during the 1988 French Grand Prix. Prost takes advantage of backmarkers and attacks on the inside after the straight.