F1 1986 vs F1 2011

Onboard with 2 formula one cars around monte-carlo, one from 1986 the other from 2011. This video will show you how much F1 cars have improved in the past 20 years...

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F1 vs GP2
F1 vs Gp2 at Monaco. Sebastian Vettle in the f1 car. Pastor Maldonado in the gp2 car.

F1 V8 vs. F1 V10
Hear the difference in sound, and see the difference of speed in a video comparison between a Toyota V10 F1 car piloted by Jarno Trulli in 2005, and a Ferrari V8 F1 car piloted by Michael Schumacher in 2006 around the Nurburgring Grand Prix Curcuit.

Indycar vs Nascar
Onboard side by side comparison, between an IZOD Indycar and a Truck Series Nascar.

GP2 vs Formula 3
In this video I put a f3 car and a gp2 car side by side in velencia to see how quik a gp2 car really is. Velencia has a lot of long straights and fast bends with a combanation of tight corners, so this should be a very accurate diffrence for all tracks.