F1 1986 vs F1 2011

Onboard with 2 formula one cars around monte-carlo, one from 1986 the other from 2011. This video will show you how much F1 cars have improved in the past 20 years...

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Hamilton drives Prost 1986 1000hp Turbo F1 car
Visit http://octanereport.com for more. McLaren drivers and F1 champions Lewis Hamilton and Jensen Button drive Alain Prost's 1986 winning Formula One turbocharged 1000hp racecar. Neither seem happy with the turbo lag.

F1 Melbourne - Albert park - OLD vs NEW track record - 2011 vs 2017
More uploads in the next few days.

F1 Adelaide 1986 Patrick Tambay OnBoard

1986 F1 - Philipe Streiff OnBoard @ Spa-francorchamps
OnBoard lap around Spa-francorchamps with Philipe Streiff during the 2nd qualifying session. Sadly no OnBoard audio. Copyright: Formula One Management (FOM).