BMW E30 M5 turbo S38 900hp Monster showboating at Gatebil 2011 !

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1250HP BMW E30 S54 TURBO & 1100HP 2JZ M3 TURBO!
http://turboBIMMER.com - 1250HP BMW E30 S54 turbo and 2JZ-GTE powered BMW E30 M3 having fun on the track burning rubber.

BMW 1000HP E21 S54 TURBO!
BMW E21 S54 turbo 1150 whp! by Jaas Performance. Precision 7576.

BMW E30 V8 M5 TURBO S62 5.0L
BMW E30 V8 turbo with 5.0L S62 M5 engine. Part two is comming soon.

How to drive BMW E30 TURBO 1000hp
How to drive a BMW E30 S54 1000hp turbo. 949whp @1.8 bar with 6870 Precision turbo.. !