BMW E30 M5 turbo S38 900hp Monster showboating at Gatebil 2011 !

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1250HP BMW E30 S54 TURBO & 1100HP 2JZ M3 TURBO!
http://turboBIMMER.com - 1250HP BMW E30 S54 turbo and 2JZ-GTE powered BMW E30 M3 having fun on the track burning rubber.

BMW E30 V8 M5 TURBO S62 5.0L
BMW E30 V8 turbo with 5.0L S62 M5 engine. http://turboBIMMER.com Part two is comming soon.

Legendary Diesel Mercedes W123 + SCANIA turbine @ Eastern European Drift Championship
Teemu Peltola With : Legendary Mercedes W123 wagon -81 2012 setup. Approx 600hp & 1000Nm with NO Engine 3.0 Litre, 24 Valve, OM606 -98 Mercedes turbodiesel Engine. Custom Exhaust Manifold Compressor -- Eaton MP90. Holset HX52 modified by LSD-turbo. Diesel pump by Mynädiesel (picture below) Self made Intercooler -- Model Large Oil cooler Water injection -- DevilsOwn alcohol injection kit Radiator moved to the trunk. BIGEM custom adjusted coilovers. Rollcage by TS-mekan Rear & Front Axles from Toyota Aristo Custom made steering made from Mercedes, Volvo, Toyota and custom parts to give a steering angle of 62 degrees. Gearbox, Modified Automatic Mercedes AMG E55 Gearbox Rear & Front Axles from Toyota Aristo Interior Stock dashboard with gauges for oil pressure etc. Hydraulic handbrake Aluminium fuel tank Aluminium Air intake & Cooler Box Water tank!

BMW E30 V8 BURNOUT! BMW E30 Meeting!
Meeting BMW E30 Brasov 2013