yamaha wr 426 f sm sound with DOMA racing exhaust

sorry for the bad quality !!

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Starting a YAMAHA YZ 426F after two years in the outdoor garage.
Watch and see how great this bike is! It starts up pretty fast even though i haven´t even started it for two years. Filmed with Canon EOS 550D

Yamaha Wr426 - Supermoto
Die letzte fahrt mitn "Road-Legal" Fetzn =) Echt geiler Sound...

Supermoto vs Cop WR426 chased by unmarked Police Car 3 miles to getaway
Went out for a ride and pulled a wheelie right in front of an unmarked police car, the chase was on. Follow on Instagram for more pics at SuperMxMike.

yamaha yzf 426 wrf supermoto starting from cold scorpion exhaust
me starting my wrf426 from cold