Roadtrippin' to CarCast interview with Adam Corolla

The Woodies and Wheels team road trips down to LA to meet Adam Corolla. Also we show off Matt's 1912 Ford Model T Racer. Distributed by: Stats tracked by:

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Ford Model t speedster race car {ReBUILDING HISTORY the series}
From stock the modifications to this car start with the engine, where it has been fitted with a Ricardo aftermarket head, Bosch front plate distributor, counter balanced crank, aluminum pistons, and fitted with a period correct updraft carb, all together it pumps out around a whopping 30-40 hp. The modifications to the frame include -Lowering the car about 5 inches without dropping the front axle. -Setting the engine and driver, back around 6 inches. This is done to change the look of the car as well as help with weight distribution. -Also notice the period correct friction shocks on all four corners As for the gearing ,the rear axle has been swapped out for an original Hall-Scott two speed axle that has been stuffed with 3 to 1 gears . -Other than that I'm still running the original two speed transmission. Setup as a race car it is not uncommon for model T's to hit speeds upwards of 65. MUSIC: Johnny Dilks and his Country Soul Brothers "Growin' Old" Fulltime loser LP Used with permission from the artist and label.

Joe Rogan Experience #622 - Adam Carolla
Adam Carolla is a comedian, radio personality, television host and actor. Check out his new movie "Road Hard" at

Adam Carolla Explains Trump's Rise Perfectly 3/20/16
Adam Carolla explains Trump's appeal to the average voter.

Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew: University Of Missouri Professor Melissa Click
Daily Adam Carolla & Dr. Drew podcast fan updates available at Support the show & its sponsors and subscribe on YouTube! - Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew talk about fads and social hierarchy, which leads to a discussion about the University of Missouri Mass Media professor, Melissa Click, and her inappropriate behavior towards photojournalist Tim Tai.