Darda Brothers - 2009, Melbourne

Darda Brothers - 2009, Melbourne

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Kick 'em out! Heavy crash scenes on a four lane CARRERA GO!!! track.
Kick 'em out action on a four lane CARRERA GO!!! track!

200ft of Scalextric Track!
200ft long Scalextric track - 1 hour 40 minutes of construction compressed into 2 minutes, followed by some action shots of two Audi TT cars racing.

Marvel Avengers Roller Coaster Avengers Assemble
With the 2013 holiday season fast approaching, retailers are already stocking their shelves with gift ideas. For the $10 and under category, I found this Marvel Avengers Assemble roller coaster. Captain America, The Hulk, and Iron Man get to have some fun too! It's hard work battling villains all of the time =) This one is better than previous versions in that it has a rubber conveyor belt rather than the mechanical lifters of days gone by. Will the Disney Pixar Micro Drifters would work on this set? Do the old Speedeez work? I test both brands for your information. I remember when K-B Toys used to have these types of toys in the late 90's, early 2000. I know I bought one for my kids. I think that it had dalmatians. I seem to recall sets that had safari animals like lions and such as well. I had the set put together in less than five minutes and that includes putting in two AA batteries (not included.) For more video entertainment, I gave these annotated links at the end of the video: Disney Micro Drifters Playlist. http://goo.gl/SoMgKa Heroics/Zerboz Playlist http://goo.gl/G4pzJm Hot Wheels Eggzotics Atomics http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rm1x-IQPZWI Subscribe to RaceGrooves http://goo.gl/H9WELX Social Networking sites/connections Facebook - http://goo.gl/3e56JK http://instagram.com/racegrooves https://twitter.com/racegrooves Google+ http://goo.gl/uxcwAl RaceGrooves YouTube Playlists http://goo.gl/sUgP3b

Fearless at the (Indy) 500 Record Jump
Edited/Short version right here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYLo2qFYQ7s). Tanner Foust breaks the world record for distance jump in a four-wheeled vehicle at the Indianapolis 500