Solidworks Sport car rear suspension simulation

Rear suspension simulation

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Solidworks buggy

Ariel Atom Rear Suspension Unit Solidworks 2010
Drawn on Solidworks 2010, the rear suspension unit and chassis of an ariel atom car. As part of my suspension project at the University of the West of England. Links to my re design: And an original render:

Designing Sports Car in Inventor 11
Another movie of the car that I designed and built a few years ago. Virtual car still isn't finished. I will be very busy in the next few weeks so probably I won't find time in June. But I'll be back in July or Sep. Enjoy BTW There are 402 parts already without bolts washers and nuts.

Murcielago Replica chassis first drive
This is the first drive of the supercharged LQ9 car we are building for the best customer we've ever had. This is a monster and is just putting around just over idle. Car has a G50 and about 600hp.......for now.