Solidworks Sport car rear suspension simulation

Rear suspension simulation

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SolidWorks Formula SAE Design Project SolidWorks SAE Design Project teaches students how to use SolidWorks software to help design a vehicle for the Formula SAE competition. Skills and lessons use provided SAE vehicle example parts, but the techniques can also be applied to other SAE competitions. The SAE Design Project also provides skills for students in engineering mechanics, heat transfer, machine design, fluid dynamics, and senior design projects. SolidWorks SAE Design Project is available to sponsored Formula Student, Baja, Aero, Clean Snowmobile, and other SAE competitions. For more visit :

Suspension Prototype
For Justin

Solidworks buggy

Ariel Atom Inspired Homebuilt V-8 Project Car
This is my most recent project...I was inspired by the Ariel Atom to build it.