Twinscroll Full-Race EFR 8374 RSX-S interior video drag racing

inside vid racing on pump gas. best time of the night was 11.7@119 before I got yelled at for running too low of pressure in my tires. This was at 16psi and my tune is 510whp @19psi.

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Turbo RSX Drag Racing My last day at the track before i take the car apart and put a cage inside!! Cant wait to run the car all out stay tuned for 9sec!!! Car was tuned by Paul at Neetronics Tuning in Oakville LINK TO THE BUILD THREAD

The Freak-O-Boost: Full-Race F150 EcoBoost EFR Single Turbo kit
2013 F150 FX4 EcoBoost with Full-Race Single turbo Kit, catted downpipe, 3" Cat-back Exhaust, Lift Kit and 33" All Terrains. 100% Stock Engine, stock air box, drop in air filter. Learn more at:

Twinscroll Full-Race 8374 RSX, how to figure out your HG is blown....
Well finally figured out my coolant spraying issue.... only happens when I hit Boost hard... time to pull the headgasket... well anyway, new GOPRO Black edition is clear as hell!

Full-Race twinscroll EFR 8374 RSX-S vs Rsx-S
just for fun with my friend, one of my shittier runs of the night. this is on pump gas @ 16psi. my tune is 510whp @ 19psi