2010 SHO vs 2007 Mazdaspeed6

HR springs with only Livernois tuned stage 4 octane 94. 50F, humidity 76%, slippery pavement. My best of the night was 13.151 sec at 108.31 mph. Mazdaspeed6 did 14.09 at 96.7 mph, but his best of the night was 13.8 at almost 100mph.

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2010 SHO vs 2007 Magnum SRT8
Magnum had a better reaction time (.04 vs .19), I caught up with him and had a better time 12.81 at 107.17 vs 12.89 at 108.21), but because I started late, it doesn't show that way. I have been running between 12.77 and 12.83 all day, him between 12.79 and 12.98... We had good races, cheers Yohan! Mods SHO : Non-PP, Stage 4+ by Livernois, custom Exhaust, Airaid cold air intake, H&R springs. Mods Magnum SRT8 : Diablo tuned, around 465 hp/465tq

2010 tuned SHO vs 2008 tuned Corvette 1/4 mile
Both our worst run of the day, but still was a good race, regardless of my poor reaction time. It was test n tune, not bracket racing, so I mostly focus on my launch. SHO has meth injection, Livernois tune stage 5, custom Exhaust, H&R springs and Airaid intake. Corvette has Exhaust (sounded great!), intake and a tune. Temps was 45F, head wind of about 5mph and air pressure at 30.3. Enjoy!

Taurus SHO vs s2000
20mph roll s2000 has single exit catback Exhaust, Megan racing header, tr1 under drive pulleys. SHO- y pipe, under drive pulleys, bbb, pnp.

Whippled Cobra battles H/C/I Z06, '12 GT500, SHO
Whippled 04 Cobra, (Heads, Cam, Intake) Corvette Z06, 2012 GT500 with blower swap - bolt ons and tune, and a Tuned SHO battle it out on the Highways of Mexico! Please Like and Subscribe for more awes